How To Get Flint In Ark Survival Ascended

Craft the equipment using this recipe and easily collect Flint in Ark Survival Ascended.

New to the ASA world and looking for Flint in Ark Survival Ascended to get properly started with the resource gathering part. Flint is one of the earliest resources you collect in the game. Though you can’t get them by beating rocks, gathering them isn’t as hard as it seems. As a beginner there are just a few items you need to collect for building equipment that can be used for obtaining Flint. When you advance you can craft heavier equipment to make the process even faster, but in the beginning, it is best to focus on the one we have given the recipe of.

The survival in this part of Ark is more realistic and difficult than ever. You have to watch everything from food and water to temperature and weather patterns if you want to survive and prosper. And that cannot be done without equipment and items that require resources like Flint. So read along and collect as many Flint as you can in ASA.

How to Obtain Flint in Ark Survival Ascended ASA

How to Obtain Flint in Ark Survival Ascended ASA
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You get Flint from the rock, and they are everywhere, no matter the weather condition or climate of the region. You will even get them near your base camps too, so you just need equipment that can break the rock and give your Flint. Metal Pick, Excavation Rig, and several other equipment can be used for the process, but as a beginner crafting Stone Pick, should be your priority. To make that you need three items.

  • 1 Stone: Gathering stones is simple, you just need to find them and press E on the PC and Y on the controller to pick and add them to your inventory.
  • 1 Wood: You can get wood by hitting a tree with punches. And like rock and stone, trees are everywhere. Look for the one near your base camp and hit it, till you get the Wood.
  • 10 Thatch: Most of the time attacking trees barehanded gives you Thatch, rather than Wood. So you’ll be able to collect both with the same method.

Now, once you have gathered all these items, go to the crafting and create the Stone Pick. Then find a rock and hit it with the Stone Pick, till you get Flint.

That’s all you need to do to gather Flint in Ark Survival Ascended. Once you have collected the Flint, you can craft Spark Powder, Refining Forge, and plenty of other items. If you want to know more about these resources, you can check our ASA guides. We have covered methods to collect Chitin and Obsidian in the game.

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