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Marvel’s Avengers: How To Get Catalysts

Get catalysts and upgrade gears.

Marvel’s Avengers is stuffed with many resources including Uru, Plasma, Nanotubes, and others that are important for upgrading your hero and power level to the max cap. One such useful resource is the catalyst. The name gives it all, catalysts are used to speed up specific gear upgrades. If you want to upgrade your gear, catalysts are the resources to look out for. But, how do you get catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers?

How to Get Catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers Game

Similar to many other resources, catalysts are found in huge crates lying around the world in every mission, except that they can be found only in the orange ones. Each orange-colored crate can contain anywhere around a couple to a few more catalysts. All you need to do is go close and break those boxes to get what you want.

If the crates are not providing enough catalysts, there are other ways to get them. One is by defeating enemies, and this is a really great option as you can also get experience. But, there’s some luck factor associated with it. There’s no certainty that all the enemies you defeat will drop catalysts. So keep on destroying as many foes as possible to get catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers.

The last way to do so is by dismantling the gears that you are not using. This can yield you many other resources including catalysts. But ensure that the gear you are dismantling is of no further use to you.

Where to Use Catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers

Once there are enough catalysts, you can head on to upgrade your gears from the menu. All you need to do is press the touchpad/view and scroll to the gear section. In the gear section you can see all the available gears, just highlight the one you want to upgrade by selecting it. This will show you all the requirements for upgrading that specific gear. If you have the necessary resources, hold the Square on PS4 and X on Xbox One. That’s it, as soon as you start holding those buttons, the selected gear will start to upgrade.

Now you know how to get catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers and where to use them. So, it’s time to give your superheroes some boost and get rolling to defeat all the enemies in the game. Apart from upgrading gears, you can also use Uru to upgrade artifacts. You can also, get skill points in Marvel’s Avengers and assign them to your heroes to unlock new abilities. All this will make your character strong in Marvel’s Avengers and help you progress seamlessly in the game.