How To Get Uru In Marvel’s Avengers

Quickly find Uru.

Marvel’s Avengers is filled with many resources scattered around the world. Collecting and utilizing these resources allows you to gear up your characters and make them stronger. While many of these resources can be found easily exploring the game and completing tasks, a few are quite tricky to be found. One such resource is Uru which is not so common to land on during the early levels of the game. To help you with that, here’s a guide on how to get Uru in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers: How to Get Uru

Uru is a resource that helps to increase the performance of minor artifacts in the game. Minor artifacts modify the hero’s abilities and affect only the superhero wielding it. There are two different ways to get what you want, by exploring and by completing drop zones.

How to Get Uru While Exploring

To put it simply, you just have to look out for caches and huge boxes with glowing lights while exploring. These boxes contain various resources and Uru is just one of them. All you need to do is go close to the boxes and break them with consecutive hits. When the boxes are broken, they will pop-up several resources.

How to Get Uru by Completing Drop Zones

Drop Zones are unlocked as you progress in the game. Each Drop Zone has different missions that you need to complete to get the rewards awaiting you, including Uru. As your hero level increases, the difficulty of the Drop Zone and the rewards it yields also increase.

Once you have got enough amount of Uru, you can head to the gear tab to upgrade the minor artifact of the hero you are controlling. When you select the artifact that you need to upgrade, it will show you the amount of Uru required and what will be the impact of the upgraded artifact.

Uru is really important in the game and you can never have all the amount that you will need. Hence, it is important to use both the above-mentioned methods to get Uru in Marvel’s Avengers. Getting Uru will become much common as you advance in the game. Apart from Uru, you should also be looking for other items and resources such as credits which are in-game currencies or skill points that can be used to unlock new abilities for superheroes.