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Marvel’s Avengers: How To Get Credits

Earn credits and unlock various cosmetic options.

Marvel’s Avengers offers various customization abilities to players. Right from choosing superheroes and leveling them independently to tweaking their outfits and looks. The developers have included a currency system that allows players to buy these cosmetics and other items to customize the looks of their superheroes. There are two primary currencies in the game, credits, and units. While the later is simple to understand and earn, the former is a bit complex to breakdown. This currency guide will discuss what are credits, how to get credits in Marvel’s Avengers, and where to use them. So without any further delay, let’s delve deep into credits breakdown.

What Are Credits?

Credits are the premium currency of Marvel’s Avengers that can be used to purchase various in-game materials including cosmetics, emotes, nameplates, and poses. They can only be used in the in-game marketplace.

How to Earn Credits in Marvel’s Avengers

There are two different ways to get credits in Marvel’s Avengers. First is by purchasing them with real-world money, and the second is by earning them with the help of other currency in the game, i.e., units.

Purchase With Real-World Money

There are a total of four credits packages available to purchase in the game. $1 USD is equivalent to 100 credits. There are also additional credit bonuses for higher amount packages. Here’s the list of packages along with their prices, credits, and additional bonuses.

Package Name Price (USD) Credits Bonus Credits
Hero Credit Package $5.00 500
Super Credit Package $20.00 2,000 200
Mighty Credit Package $50.00 5,000 1,000
Ultimate Credit Package $100.00 10,000 3,000

Go The Other Way Around

The alternative and free way to earn credits in Marvel’s Avengers is through units. Getting units won’t be that tough as you can easily get them while just progressing in the gameplay. Once you have enough units, you can purchase Hero Challenge Cards for superheroes. Bear in mind that each superhero has a different Challenge. Completing the missions and tasks mentioned in the Hero Challenge Cards will give you credits. You can then use these credits to buy cosmetics and other accessories available.

One thing worth mentioning here is that you can buy Hero Challenge Cards with both units and credits. Buying them with units will only allow you to get free rewards, and thankfully credits are one of those free rewards. If you purchase them with 1000 credits, then you will unlock the premium Cards and get all the rewards mentioned in them.

Purchasing Hero Challenge Cards with credits, will in the end give you the amount back as rewards if you complete the entire card. Hence, it is advisable to earn credits in Marvel’s Avengers and gather them until you can buy a premium Card. However, if you can’t wait to customize your hero’s look, buying credits with real-world money is the option to go with.

Earning credits in Marvel’s Avengers is just one of the many ways to unlock cosmetics, although you won’t get the same cosmetics in other ways. You can also simply level up your character or complete in-game tasks to get more outfits. Alternatively, you can find and unlock golden chests in Marvel’s Avengers to get rare additional items including credits and cosmetics. Once you get hold of the currency system in the game, it will be easy for you to get credits in Marvel’s Avengers.