How To Change Clothes And Get More Outfits In Marvel’s Avengers

Change clothes and outfits according to your choice.

Marvel’s Avengers is around the corner and fans are excited to play as their favorite superhero in the game. The game not only allows players to customize the gameplay by choosing to play as any superhero but also enables them to tweak their looks and outfits. If you want to see your superhero in your preferred clothes, here’s how to change clothes and get more outfits in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers: How to Change Clothes And Get More Outfits

How to Change Clothes in Marvel’s Avengers

There are multiple options available to choose from, all you need to do is hit the launchpad/view and select the “Customize” tab. The customize tab will show all the available clothes and emotes for the superhero you are playing. Once you are on the options screen, press L2/R2 to reach the clothes of your choice. Then finally when you have picked the right fit, hit X to wear them. That’s how you change clothes in Marvel’s Avengers, pretty easy right?

How to Get More Outfits in Marvel’s Avengers

When you visit the customize tab, you will notice that out of the many outfit options only a few are unlocked to wear. The rest of the outfits can be unlocked in multiple ways. Some of them are unlocked by reaching a higher level, some are unlocked by purchasing them from the store, and the rest are unlocked by simply completing tasks and missions. Keep progressing in the game and you can easily get some great outfits for your superhero.

Now you know how to change clothes and get more outfits in Marvel’s Avengers. If you are not able to see the preorder bonuses, you can easily fix that. Once you are in the game start finding DNA keys and open DNA chests with them. Unlocking DNA chests will give your superhero some high-level gears and make them much stronger.