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Marvel’s Avengers: Where To Find & Farm DNA Keys

Here's a complete guide explaining where to get DNA Keys in Marvel's Avengers.

A DNA Keys is an essential item in Marvel’s Avengers game and with each DNA Key, you can get one DNA Chest. Getting DNA Keys and unlocking DNA Chests seem to be the best way to grind for better gear to advance your heroes in Marvel’s Avengers.

In this guide, apart from explaining how to where to find and farm DNA Keys in Marvels’ Avengers, we will also tell you what exactly you need to do to farm an adequate amount of DNA Keys through daily activities, which lets you open special chests in Vault Missions.

In Marvel’s Avengers, the Vault Missions gives a lot of gear upgrades and rewards. Notably, almost each and every Vault Missions does have special biometrically locked DNA strongboxes that you can open with a DNA Key.

As of now, it’s best to save your limited Vault attempts until you managed to acquire a decent amount of keys to open the DNA box on each run. However, to find and Farm DNA Keys in Marvel’s Avengers is not quite difficult.

Where To Find & Farm DNA Keys In Marvel’s Avengers

How to Find DNA Keys

You will have to visit both Faction Coordinators to receive your daily missions. There is on aboard the carrier and one in the Inhuman base. These said factions give you daily assignments offering rare materials and other rewards but they also assign you a daily mission.

As of now, The Villain Sector Daily Missions are available from both vendors taking you to the same location, an encounter with a villain boss, Task Master. Once you managed to defeat a Task Master, you are most likely to get a DNA key. 

Make sure to visit both Factions Coordinators every day to see check your daily mission, which usually reset 17:00 UTC