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How To Get Gold Chests In Marvel’s Avengers Beta

Get Gold Chests in Marvel's Avengers Beta and collect all valuable items.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta is out now after a long wait, and there are many items to grab. Chests are among one of those valuable things. As of now, you can find three Gold Chests in the game. These chests are found in To Tame A Titan, The Avengers, and The Snowy Tundra missions. This guide will help you locate and get Gold Chests in the Marvel’s Avengers Beta, all three of them.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta: How to Get Gold Chests

To Tame A Titan

There are different puzzles in different playthroughs to get to the gold chest in To Tame A Titan mission. The puzzle might be either system generated or the developers may have set a specific number of locations. Regardless of the puzzle, the location of this gold chest is always the same.
One of the common puzzles that players come across is getting there through the AIM base. Hence, in this guide, we will refer to that puzzle.

Once you are in the AIM base, the in-game notifications will ask you to head left. You don’t always have to follow the computer guidelines. If you do in this case you will exit the doors and then you won’t be able to get the gold chest. Instead, go to your right where you will find a room full of enemies and with a glass flooring.

Players have to break the glass floor to get to the gold chest beneath it. But it’s not that simple as it might sound. As mentioned earlier the room is full of enemies. And to top that, you have to punch some machinery before you can break the floor. One extra bit of advice to clear all these enemies is to keep away from Cryo beams. Cryo beams can deal a lot of damage. If you see a red circle coming your way, run or dodge, because it’s the Cryo beam.

Once you clear all the enemies, run into the rooms to your left and right and punch the machinery over there. There will be four machines in total and you have to keep punching them until their light turns blue (the final one will turn green). When you hit all the machines you will be allowed to go through the flooring. Beneath the floor, they will find the gold chest and an additional chest. Make sure to collect all the items from both the chests.

The Avengers

Load the Avengers mission to get this gold chest. Once players are in the AIM building, get into the elevator. When players step out of the elevator they will see a yellow door right in front of them. But they cannot open the door just right yet. To unlock it, they will again have to turn some lights into the blue.

There will be four fans nearby. All you need to do is break the fans and hit the lights behind them until they turn blue. All the fans are always located at the same spots. One will be right next to the door, another will be on the ceiling at a corner, another will be around the balcony, and the last will be to the right of the main objective. You can locate them easily while flying around as Iron Man. Hit these fans and the door will open, and hola! you will find the gold chest awaiting you.

The Snowy Tundra Vault

Snowy Tundra Vault is a secret mission and you need to follow certain steps to unlock it. Once unlocked walk pass through an AIM gate. When you pass the gate, you will see some objective waypoints. The one with exploding synthoids is the waypoint to get the gold chest.

When you enter the building, kill the synthoids and head to the back of the building. You will find a total of four machines over there. Similar to the other two missions, hit the machines until they turn blue. Once all the machines are blue, the door to the gold chest will open. Collect all the valuable and you are good to go.

That’s how you will get gold chests in Marvel’s Avengers Beta. But to get to the chests you will really have to grab and slam all the enemies in your way. There are also other chests awaiting you inside doors that can be opened by unlocking depots in Marvel’s Avengers Beta. Follow this guide and collect all the valuable items out there.