Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man Control Guide – How to Fly & Perform Finisher Move?

Tony Stark in Mark-3 suit is all set to lead the team, but his airborne moves are tough to learn. Here is a detailed guide on how to play as Iron-Man in Marvel's Avenger.

If you are playing as Iron-Man in Marvel’s Avengers Game you will be flying a lot. The best thing about Mark-III suit it features air-born capabilities, allowing you to dodge away incoming attacks in an instance. But can be confusing or tough to control the flight, Iron-Man is also good on grounds. Not like Thor, who can has a lot to deliver in close-combat, Iron-Man lacks good speed. He is best with a combination of ground attack + fly control. Some of his attacks are delayed by charge animation that gives enemy chance to cancel it. So if you are playing as Iron-Man in Marvel’s Avengers game then remember the following points.

Iron-Man Combat Move Guide – PS4 Controls

While airborne press R2 to shoot. Use the right Joystick to steer, thankfully there are no keys to keep flying. You just have to control the direction and hold the round cross-hair on the enemy. Shoot twice or thrice to throw the enemy down. It is obvious if Thor is hammering enemies on the ground, Iron-Man takes the sky. Hovering enemies with the jet pack are easy to defeat unless they shoot back on your face.

Look for red circles, avoid flying above them. There are explosives on that point that explodes and break your flying speed and direction. On ground press L2 to aim and press R2 to shoot them down. If you are picking targets one by one or trying to defeat enemies with a shield.

Press R1 to activate Unibeam Heroic ability to take down stronger enemies. Iron-Man shoots a beam of the strong laser from his core reactor for a short while. It is best to do it when you are surrounded and forced to take down multiple targets at the same time. You will have a few seconds of time, quickly move the beam and pierce through every possible enemy around.

Hold Triangle for a heavy attack, the suit will take some time to recharge its thruster’s and shoots an explosive on flying enemies. It is a way to take down the enemy in one shot, but the issue with this is that it can be canceled or you can take hits while doing the same.

How to fly in Marvels Avengers?

You can fly anytime Mark-III is a suit with flying capabilities, you are never locked to the ground. Hold X to fly in the sky, use the right joystick to control your position and press R2 to shoot. Hold X to achieve a decent height no need to keep it pressing. Adjust your position using the joystick and defeat the flying enemies. You can use Unibeam ability while flying, also press X or Circle to speed dash.

Iron-Man Combat Controls

  1. Right Joystick – Steer while flying.
  2. R2 – Shoot.
  3. R1 – Activate Unibeam Heroic Ability.
  4. R3 – Lock Target.
  5. X – Hold to Ascend.
  6. Circle – Hold to Descend.
  7. Triangle – Heavy Attack.
  8. Left Joystick + Circle – Dodge

If you are playing as Iron-Man it is recommended to stay in the air. On grounds stay in cover and use heavy attacks. Be ready to use the heroic ability to shoot down tanks. For stronger attack hold R2 and aim at the enemy. Best for destroying armored vehicles. Using Iron-Man at the start can be tough, but if you love to fly and want to maintain distance the Mark-III can be your best option.