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Marvel’s Avengers Thor Control Guide – How to perform Power Attacks & Finishers

The God of Thunder has some special moves in Marvel Avengers Game, it includes a power attack to break barriers and finishers for crown control. Here is a detailed guide on how to play as Thor in Avengers Game?

Want to know how to play as Thor in Marvel’s Avengers Game? In this guide, I am going to help you with Thor Controls. And you can also learn about Thor combat tips on how to use his power attack or finisher. The God of Thunder comes with the power of lightning that is capable of crowd control. If you are surrounded or have no option to run away then unlock the rage of gods. Lightning crashes into every enemy on the ground.

Thor Combat Move Guide – PS4 Controls

Marvel Avengers Thor Combat Guide

Hold Triangle to perform a heavy attack from the air, Thor crashes to the ground with full force slamming his powerful hammer. It releases a burst of the shockwave that throws everyone off ground. Press Square to perform a light attack. The same key is to used to perform Power Attack, a way to break the barriers like crashed cars or debris. Not everything is breakable look for the fist icon, use Power Attacks to break it.

When you are playing as Thor in Marvel’s Avengers game light attack is the one you will be using a lot. Run around and go near the enemies, press Square to hit them with the hammer. Hit it contiguously will force Thor to unleash combo attacks. The problem of a light attack is you can deal with one single enemy at one time. You are exposed to other attackers around you.

Marvel Avengers Thor Combat Guide

Press X + Square to jump and attack, another way to dodge bullets. X is for Jumping in Marvel’s Avengers and highly helpful when you in the range of weapon fire. You will also see an indicator on the screen a blue circle with exclamation mark reveals the location of the enemy targeting you with a weapon, and a hand icon indicates combat.

How to use Thor’s Hammer – Mjolnir Guide

Mjolnir is the only weapon Thor carries in Marvel’s Avengers game. Thor’s best combat move is throwing the hammer on enemies and it returns. You can hit two enemies at the same time with one single hammer throw. First Press L2 to Aim and then press R2 to throw the hammer. So the control is L2 + R2. Press L2 to aim and then do not leave the key and press R2 to throw Mjolnir. If you miss the enemy the hammer returns hitting them from the backside.

Throwing Thor’s hammer is best to take down enemies from distance. Shooting down who are standing on tall structures and shooting down. Mjolnir is a quiet strong weapon if you can aim properly it can throw off two to three enemies in one hit.

How to Trigger Thor’s Warrior Fury – How to use Heroic Ability?

Once your meter is full you will have to hold L1 to trigger the Heroic Ability. For a short period, Thor unlocks his real power, you can hit down any enemy in this mode. But there is a requirement to use Heroic Ability it will not be available forever. Check the icon on the bottom right of the screen once it is filled up you can use the Heroic ability that calls upon lightning for the sky. It will target every enemy on the floor and cannot be canceled.

Thor Combat Controls

  1. Triangle – Heavy Attack & Power Attack to break barriers.
  2. Square – Light Attack.
  3. X – Jump.
  4. Circle – Evade.
  5. L2 – AIM.
  6. L2 + R2 – Throw Mjolnir.
  7. L1 – Hold to trigger Heroic Ability.
  8. L3 – Sprint.
  9. R2 – Counter.
  10. R1 – Assault Heroic.
  11. R3 – Press the right joystick to lock a target.
  12. Triangle + Circle – Takedown.

How to defeat enemies with Shield?

Some enemies will be with shields, and they are capable of blocking your moves. Light attacks will not work on them, the only way to take them out is by using the hammer. Throw Mjolnir to break the shields and then use light attacks or heavy attack to throw them down. Press L2 to throw the hammer and even if you miss it will return back and hit the enemy from the backside. In this way, you can take down enemies with shields in Marvel’s Avenger if you are playing a Thor.

Stay tuned for more combat guides on Marvel’s Avengers.