Marvel’s Avengers Failed to Join Session: How to Fix

Do you want to know the potential fix of the Failed to Join Session Error in Marvel's Avengers? Read it in this quick guide.

Are you getting the Marvel’s Avengers Failed to Join Session error message? If yes, then you are not alone. This issue has been frustrating a lot of players effectively ruining the multiplayer experience. If you are curious to know why this error is coming up and what you can do to solve it, here’s our guide on the how to fix Failed to Join Session error in Avengers Game.

Failed to Join Session Error in Marvel’s Avengers

Here are the steps you need to do to potentially fix the Failed to Join Session error. Note that this is not a sure solution but it is worth a try.

What you can do is disable the matchmaking process, choose a mission and then turn on matchmaking again. There is no confirmation that this will work so if you are lucky, it might work for you. If it doesn’t then unfortunately, you will have to play single player. Since the real joy is being an Avenger with your friends, this Failed to Join Session error can be upsetting, but we hope that the developers will fix it in the upcoming patch.

Apart from this, you can also test if your internet connection is working properly. Additionally, you can restart the game if you are still getting this error. Here’s our multiplayer guide if you want to know more about which multiplayer modes are there and how to play with friends.

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