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Marvel’s Avengers: How to Heal Your Health

Increase your health in the right time.

Blowing enemies with strong attacks and taking the same is all part of Marvel’s Avengers. But taking too many blows can end up your superhero’s life in the game, and trust me no one likes getting kicked while playing as a hero. Hence, you need to make sure to heal their health frequently to keep them out of danger and progress. In this guide, you will come to know how to heal your health in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Raise Health in Marvel’s Avengers

If enemies attack and the health goes down, you will have to counterattack to get back your health. What, that’s so weird. Well, it is weird but that’s how it is done, instead of trying to save yourself, you need to attack enemies. When you defeat enemies, they drop small green-colored health orbs that can be consumed to heal your health in Marvel’s Avengers. Not every foe drops health orbs, but you can get them very frequently.

However, these are small heal orbs and they won’t add any significant amount of health.
To gain large health orbs, you will have to break resource crates. Crates and chests have bigger orbs that can provide a huge amount of heal to your character.

Apart from all this, Ms. Marvel has a special ability to heal herself in small portions. This is done by pressing L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox One. However, you cannot use it constantly. There is a cooldown period after every usage, so you’ll have to wait until them to repeat the move while playing as Ms. Marvel

Knowing how to heal your health in Marvel’s Avengers can be really crucial at times when you are about to complete a mission and your health goes down. Since now you know how to heal your health in Marvel’s Avengers, you can take some time to maintain your health bar in the game. You can also focus on getting skill points in Marvel’s Avengers to unlock new abilities that can prevent you from getting in a situation where you would need to heal your health.