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Marvel’s Avengers Game: How to Get Units

Get units and buy valuable items.

Marvel’s Avengers sports two currencies to fuel the game, Units, and Credits. Today we will discuss how to get units. To look for how to get credits in Marvel’s Avengers in-depth, you can read our guide about it. Coming back to units, they are much easier to get and understand as compared to credits, which is the premium currency in the game. You can spend units on a lot of items available in the marketplace. Here’s how to get units in Marvel’s Avengers and where to use them.

How to Earn Units in Marvel’s Avengers

You can get units by doing almost everything right from breaking resource crates to opening chests to completing tasks & missions. Hence, you can easily pile up a stock of units in Marvel’s Avengers. But it still won’t be enough because there’s a lot that you can purchase from the currency.

Units can be used to purchase gear items from the vendors. You can also purchase the basic version of the Hero Challenge card with units. Hero Challenge cards are different for each superhero. They contain various objectives and missions enlisted, completing which can give rewards such as rare items and credits. These credits can then be used to purchase cosmetics and premium Hero Challenge Cards.

To put it simply, you can get units in Marvel’s Avengers from almost everything and can spend them on almost anything. The game also has various resources that can help upgrade gears. Learn how to get resources such as catalysts and Uru to make your superhero stronger. Catalysts are required to upgrade gears and increase their overall performance. Uru on the other hand is required to upgrade artifacts. Another way to make your superhero strong is by getting skill points in Marvel’s Avengers and assigning it to different skill trees. This will unlock new abilities for your heroes, which can be used during battles.