Marvel’s Avengers Taskmaster Boss Fight | How To Beat Taskmaster

Taskmaster will predict every move, so you will need to be unpredictable to defeat him

Taskmaster is one of the toughest boss fights in Marvel’s Avengers and you will face him early on. If you want to know how to beat Taskmaster in Marvel’s Avengers check this out.

Taskmaster has a photographic memory which helps him learn and predict his opponent’s moves, but even though he can predict your every move, it is still possible to beat him.

How To Beat Taskmaster in Marvel’s Avengers

Taskmaster boss fight will commence early on and if you know a bit about him, he once used to be a SHIELD agent but since then has gone rogue and started his own army for money.

Taskmaster is blessed with an eidetic memory; this helps him understand any of his opponents and counter their attacks. He will even mimic his opponent’s moves and use those moves against them.

You can see glimpses of it when you see him on the Golden Gate bridge in Marvel’s Avengers, you will play as Natasha Romanov in this segment and must use her abilities to defeat Taskmaster.

The best part about this is the fact that Taskmaster’s boss fight appears during the tutorial phase of the game, while you’re still learning the ropes of the game and figuring out how to use different abilities.

The worst thing about this is the fact that you won’t have all of Black Widow’s abilities unlocked, and there are different phases in the Taskmaster boss fight and you will need to defeat him in all these phases.

Phase 1

The first phase starts off with Black Widow jumping on Taskmaster as he jets off with his jetpack and you will need to punch him several times before he crashes his jet pack, this will ultimately take you on a small platform.

Phase 2

Here the second phase of the battle begins, use dodge to evade Taskmaster and follow up with a counter of you emptying your bullets on him. Take as many shots as you can while he’s hovering and dodge again when he charges at you.

The key point here is to use Taskmaster’s ability against him, he will fly at you and you will only have a few moments to dodge, on the PS4 use your left analog stick and press Circle to dodge.

Phase 3

Do this a few times and you will be taken to the third phase of the boss fight, this takes place on the Golden Gate bridge and Taskmaster’s jetpack will be destroyed as you land on the bridge.

Without the jetpack, Taskmaster won’t be able to fly at you anymore and it will also take away his quick movement.

Use this time, to create some distance from yourself and Taskmaster as he will start throwing explosives and shoot him with your gun. If Taskmaster charges at you, dodge and keep shooting him again.

Do this a couple of times and Taskmaster will learn to predict your moves, and he will use his shield and block all the bullets. While he is shielded use this opportunity to use your melee attacks on him.

This will surprise him and you will be able to land some really good hits on Taskmaster. When Taskmaster charges at you with his sword, dodge and then carry out an attack of yourself.

Be reactive to Taskmasters attacks and use both light and heavy attacks against him, and be as random with your attacks as possible. After a while, the game will prompt you to use your counter move by pressing R2 on your PS4 controller.

Use this to get back at Taskmaster, after dodging his attacks, make sure that you do not step into the area with red highlights as they will start exploding. After a couple more attacks you will be able to take down Taskmaster with the use of a universal takedown which will trap him on the bridge.

This is all there is to know about how to beat Taskmaster in Marvel’s Avengers. Make sure to check out How To Unlock Snowy Tundra Secret Mission In Marvel’s Avengers.