How To Beat Abomination Boss In Marvels Avengers

Hulk vs Abomination Boss Fight in Marvel's Avengers Beta. How to defeat him?

Hulk has a tough opponent in the Abomination boss and of course, it is not easy to beat him. The game is still in beta though so the final fight might be different in the launched game. But this Hulk vs Abomination Boss Battle guide will surely give you a good idea on how to take down one of the strongest bosses in this game. Let’s begin.

Marvel’s Avengers Abomination Boss Fight Tips

Before you decide to face off with the Abomination boss in Marvels Avengers, you should know its attacks. Here are his ways to deal damage to Hulk and how you can counter them.

In Phase 1 of the boss fight, there will be red markers (rings) whenever this boss is about to attack you. So make sure to dodge and evade all of them. Also use the electric devices kept in the area to deal damage to him but if you are caught in the vicinity then you’ll get some damage too. Hence, remember to run from it when it is close to exploding.

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In the next phase, the Abomination boss in Marvels Avengers will be covered in green gas which will slowly damage you. So, it’s a good idea to move away from it whenever possible. Another thing that this enemy will do is that it will create a red area of danger on the floor. That’s where he will land after his high jump so don’t end up in that area at any cost.

Apart from these, keep hitting this boss from close range and even from far by throwing things at him. When you do this continuously and don’t give him time to breathe, defeating this foe can be fairly easy. Simply dodge and attack at the right moments.

The end of this boss fight becomes pretty intense and the Hulk lets out a massive roar (classic Hulk). We hope these tips will help you take down this opponent. While you are here, read our other guide on how to defeat the Taskmaster boss and how to unlock the secret mission of Snowy Tundra. Plus, don’t miss our articles on how to get gold chests and how to open the depot too.