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How to Grab & Slam Enemies in Marvel’s Avengers?

Hulk's signature move is to grab and throw enemies, and it is really an amazing way to curb the tension. Here is how to do it?

Is Hulk the strongest avenger? There is no real answer to this, but if you have anything in your mind to play as Hulk then you will definitely enjoy doing this. Hulk can grab and throw enemies in Marvel’s Avengers? A kind of Hulk’s signature move he does usually when his anger levels cross all limits. Hulk is all about smashing and breaking things. But there armed enemies and armored tanks. So smashing and break is not going to work all the time. Best is to grab and throw enemies around, this really feels nice.

How to Grab & Throw Enemies in In Marvel’s Avengers?

Walk near and press Square to grab an enemy. Hulk will grab the head and swing him around attacking other ones also. It may sound brutal but it’s amazing, its what Hulk is all about. And we are killing the bad guys here, so remember the control. Hold Square near an enemy to grab him and move around to auto-attack others.

Second is Triangle which is Hulk’s signature slam attack. Using both his hand he can slam to release a shockwave. It can overthrow anyone in close range. Dropping high from the sky at full force is another strong attack by Hulk. It requires you to hold Triangle while in the air. Hulk smashes the ground releasing a bigger shockwave than regular Slam attack.

One of the big issues with Hulk is his movement and jump. He cannot run fast and jump high, you have to keep on moving. You can break down tanks in one hit, this is where Hulk fits best to deal with armored vehicles. Just jump high enough by pressing X and then hold Triangle while landing. Hulk will smash down any tank in his way. Or if missed will slam on the ground with a strong force.

If you are just high enough you will see a Triangle Key prompt press it and hulk can throw an entire tank on another tank. It is also a cool move to try out in Marvel’s Avengers. You can also learn about Iron Man and Thor’s combat move by clicking on the links.