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How To Beat Warbot Boss In Marvel’s Avengers

Defeating Warbot can be challenging. Follow this simple guide to beat Warbot.

One of the deadliest missions in Marvel’s Avengers Beta is To Tame A Titan mission. The mission offers many valuable rewards, such as a golden chest and a rare DNA Key. But all these come only if the player defeats the Warbot boss and completes the mission. Defeating bosses in any game is not at all easy. Hence, here’s a guide to help you beat Warbot boss in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers Guide: How to Beat Warbot Boss


The objective of To Tame A Titan mission is to neutralize the threat in an area by defeating Warbot boss. You will also find one of the three gold chests in this mission. Getting back to defeating Warbot boss, the best superhero for this task would be Iron Man. Although you can beat Warbot boss in Marvel’s Avengers using any character, Iron Man gets you the advantage of fighting from a safe distance.

The first target to go for is Warbot’s turrets. Turrets are red-colored things that shoot beams. They are easy to destroy and also reduces the frequency of beams shot at you. The next thing to target is the vents on Warbot’s feet. Each of the six feet has orange-colored vents that open up at regular intervals. When they open up, the color of these vents turns to red. That’s an indication, as soon as the color turns red, attack to destroy them. Simultaneously, also look out for beam attacks. Once you have destroyed the vents, Warbot will fall on the ground to repair itself. That’s when Jarvis will tell you to hit its eyes.

Your next target should be the side vents. Similar to the vents on the legs, Warbot will have side vents. When they are overheating, they will turn red, and Jarvis will mark them for you. Attack these side vents. Once the side vents are destroyed, one of the legs or entire Warbot will stomp down.


When the Warbot is down and smoking, get on its top. You will find three columns, attack them, and take down Warbot.

That’s how you will beat Warbot boss in Marvel’s Avengers Beta. Make sure to collect the gold chest from the mission as it will give you great rewards. These rewards will help you easily level up your weapons and skills in the game. You can also read our other guides to defeat Abomination Boss and Taskmaster in Marvel’s Avengers.