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Maneater Mutations Guide: How To Unlock All Evolutions & Mutations

Your road to becoming a killing machine

In Maneater, your main goal of avenging the death of your mother is incomplete without mutations. To become a more powerful and dangerous version of yourself and to move further ahead in your journey, these evolutions will be absolutely essential. How else will you transform into a lethal shark that will make your enemies tremble in fear? Well, in this guide, you will know exactly how to unlock all the mutations in Maneater.

Maneater: Mutations and Evolutions Unlock Guide

These upgrades are what you need to go from a little shark to a lethal one.


The Sonar will help you sense things in your radius. You can upgrade it to increase the distance in which you can see things. This comes in handy especially to detect nutrient caches and other collectibles.

Protein Digestion

When you discover all the landmarks in Fawtick Bayou, you will get the Protein Digestion mutation. The benefits are more healing and 20 percent more protein after you devour someone or something.

Bio Electric Set

The Bio Electric Set is ideal to inflict significant electric damage to your enemies. Your targets will get stunned making them easier to defeat. To get the entire bio electric set, simply kill your infamy targets. Check out how you can increase your shark’s infamy in Maneater.


When you increase your infamy rank to 2 and kill Bobbie Bojangles, you get the Hearty upgrade which will give you a boost in HP and better defenses.

Bone Set

When you kill the apex predators in the Dead Horse Lake, Sapphire Bay, Prosperity Sands, Caviar Bay, Golden Shores and the Gulf, you get this complete Bone set. This will basically make you more powerful when you attack boats to kill hunters in them.

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This mutation is interesting and will be useful when you need to cover some land. When you kill the apex predator in the Fawtick Bayou, the Alligator, you get the Amphibious mutation which helps you survive on land for much longer and makes you faster too.

Mineral Digestion

You get Mineral Digestion when you increase your infamy level to 3 and kill a boss enemy called Pookie Paul. You receive more health when you eat other creatures and also boosts the minerals from mineral springs.

Adrenal Gland

This mutation provides your shark increased speed when your HP is low. You need to increase your infamy rank to 4 and defeat Candyman Curtis in order to get this mutation in Maneater.

Shadow Set

Get all the landmarks to obtain this set which will give you speed and abilities to poison those that dare to disrupt your path towards revenge.

Fat Digestion

When you beat Scaley Pete in Sapphire Bay, you can unlock this mutation in Maneater. Similar to those digestion-related mutations before, this also gives you more healing and more fat from sources.

Subliminal Evasion

Defeat the deadly sperm whale in the Gulf to get this mutation in Maneater which will make smaller hostile creatures neutral to you.

Mutagen Digestion

Reach infamy rank 7 and beat Lieutenant Shannon Sims to get this mutation. This will increase your Mutagen gains and health after your shark chomps down on a target.

Reinforced Cartilage

When you find all the landmarks in the Gulf area, you get a mutation that gives you more resistance to damage.

Brutal Muscles

The final mutation in Maneater that you get is Brutal Muscles, which you will acquire after increasing infamy to 10 and killing Captain Robert Brunlett.

So, this is everything about Maneater evolutions and mutations. Be sure to keep reading our other guides on how to open large gates easily, how to save your game and tricks to rule the ocean as a shark.