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Maneater Tips Guide – Tricks And Cheats To Rule The Ocean

Be the Shark you always want to be

In Maneater you play as a shark exploring the massive open world. Starting as an small fish you have to evolve and prove your dominance in the water of Port Colvis. In this Maneater guide, you can read some of the best beginners’ tips and tricks, shortcuts, and strategies to turn into an apex predator. There are many things you do not know which this guide will help you to understand.

Survival Tips:


Attack Eat as much as possible to grow your size so that you can be big enough to consume hunters. They will be always a threat to your life in the ocean. Whenever you spot a hunter fishing around jump and consume the human. This increases your threat level in Maneater, so more hunters will be sent to catch you. And here you go more to eat, a shortcut to evolution.

Watch for explosives and weapons that can be an issue, to dodge swim down and then swim to the boat with full force, jump to attack. They will be stunned, do this twice or thrice and you will be unstoppable.

grotto Whenever you are low on health or finding hard to survive among hunters or predators run towards the safe house. Grotto is your safe house in Maneater where you can unlock Evolution Menu and upgrade your features to become stronger. Also, it is a place to rest, to get free food, to refill our energies back. So why not grab some free meals if you find yourself getting chased by an apex predator like alligator or a hammerhead shark in Maneater.


sonarThis ability will help you to track down food around you. For growing big you will have to eat, and relying on the vision underwater will not be that helpful. So it is best to keep Sonar is one of the three perk slots. Whenever it is activated this ability will reveal food location around you. Upgrade it to max potential and you will never be hungry. It is ideal to track down the different type of nutrients that rewards your ability point. For example Yellow is Fast, this comes from Seals or Catfish. Blue is Minerals, and Red is protein. An important nutrient comes from other shark or swordfish, as well as humans. Green is rare to catch the mutagens.

Combat Tips:

SLOW-TIMEIn Maneater while attacking boats, hunters you can slow downtime during a whip shot. This will help you to cause high damage and hit the right target. Use this always and cause mayhem. This is what Maneater is all about. You can also jump high and crash into smaller enemies thrashing them down over the ocean bed.


LEVEL-UPTo increase the damage you shark has grown, which means eating but with it, you will have to level up to turn into an unstoppable force of nature. Sharks can level up by completing missions. Explore the region and find collectibles this will also help you to level up. Fighting strong enemies will give you more XP.

Following the about hacks you can sit on the top of the food chain. Always be ready to upgrade and unlock new abilities that will aid you in survival. Stay tuned for more updates on Maneater only on GamerTweak.com