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Maneater Guide On How to Evolve Your Shark

Tips to turn into a Apex Predator

Want to be an apex predator in Maneater? Then you will have to evolve, and this guide has Maneater evolve your shark shortcuts. You can level up fast by killing, but what to kill is the big question?

Maneater How to Evolve


Killing apex predators will help you to evolve your shark in Maneater. Started as an orphan baby shark, you are serious fish on a mission. The leveling system in Maneater is not tricky to figure out, if you know what really to kill you can turn into a Mega Shark and bite down more apex predators.

Your Shark can absorb the powers of her kills, the better hunt you grab the more stronger you will become. Some creatures in Maneater rewards with special abilities when hunted and these ability will put you on the top of evolution system. So here are straight points on how to evolve in Maneater?

Complete missions to level up fast and turn into a bigger fish. As your shark grows in Maneater it can consume bigger fish, so size matters the most. Do not try to charge on dangerous fish at the start or else the hunter becomes hunted.


After reaching certain level you will unlock new areas controlled by an Apex Predator. This area is where you will fight with an special enemy. Defeating and consuming this predator will evolve your shark in Maneater. Unique abilities are rewarded for defeating the bosses.

Your Shark is tied to Eight Evolution Slots in Maneater. These eight slots reflect the major body part that contributes to bite power, swim speed, strength, damage resistance, etc.

  • Jaw
  • Head
  • Body
  • Fins
  • Tails
  • And three Organ Slots


Upgrading and unlocking abilities in these slots will evolve you. Locked slots in the Evolution Slots can be unlocked by nutrients. You can earn by eating other fishes or animals in the ocean. You will also earn them by completing missions or collecting Nutrient Caches. Some slots are locked by shark’s age and level.

Maneater allows you to customize the evolution by targeting a single slot. Each slot boosts the stats increasing the strength and power of the fish. Keep an eye on the Evolution Slots in Maneater and their requirements. Visit Grotto and there you can access the Evolution Menu and start evolving your shark.