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Maneater Nutrients Guide: How To Get Nutrients in Maneater

Upgrade your shark

Sharks love to eat and that’s exactly what you have to do as a deadly shark in Maneater. Your main goal in the game is to grow from being a vulnerable baby shark to a fully-grown ruthless apex predator. This evolution must happen so that you can take revenge for the death of your mother. Yep, the back story of this shark is pretty emotional. Want to know how you can make this evolution happen? Well, you will need nutrients. In this Maneater nutrients guide, you will know what are nutrients and how to collect them during your hunt.

Nutrients in Maneater

As a growing shark, you need a balanced diet to stay healthy. For this purpose, there are nutrients in this game. You will see that there are four different types of nutrients in Maneater, each with their own advantages. They are fats, proteins, minerals and Mutagen X. They have been given colors so that they are easy to identify. Note that different creatures provide different nutrients when you kill them.

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How To Collect Nutrients?

As mentioned before, one of the easiest ways to gain nutrients is to kill creatures having nutrients. You will be shown the color of the nutrient on the creature so make sure to kill those with the nutrients you want. Sometimes you may have to devour weak fishes while sometimes you have to take on terrifying creatures to get some nutrients. Just a day in the life of a shark, right?

Not just this, there’s another way to collect nutrients in Maneater and that’s by completing the side quests. These are bound to give you some nutrients as well.

Plus, you will also find Nutrient caches that can provide a massive amount of nutrients to your shark. Using Sonar will come in handy to discover these metal crates that are hidden underwater. They make a peculiar sound when you are close enough which can make it slightly easier for you to locate them.

When you want to upgrade after collecting enough nutrients, simply visit the Grottos and evolve yourself to become an unstoppable vengeful shark. Also, while you are here, don’t forget to check out our guide on the fastest way to increase your shark’s infamy.