How To Level Up Quickly in Maneater?

Be a merciless shark

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a shark and swimming in the vast ocean, munching on humans and other creatures – your dream comes true in Maneater. You take on the role of a baby shark whose mother has been killed by a human. You embark on a journey of revenge and hunger for blood as you keep growing into a grown shark that’s nothing short of a nightmare. Of course, you have to level up quickly in Maneater to finally become the ruthless monster that you want to be.

How Do I Level Up Fast in Maneater?

In this guide, you will know how to level up quickly in Maneater, which will help you become stronger, gain more abilities as well as earn some other upgrades. When you do level up, more areas will also be unlocked for you, so it’s best to do it as fast as you can.

Go on a Rampage

What you need to do is kill every creature you see. This will give you experience that you need to level up. As you become stronger, your opponents will do too. If you end up killing a powerful creature, you will get more experience points from that. You can also eat Shark hunters for additional XP. Want even more experience? Then try your best with creatures and dangerous predators that are stronger than you. This will surely provide a massive boost to your XP.

Complete the Objectives

Like many other games of this genre, you gain more experience as you complete missions. These will naturally reward you with enough experience to level up quickly. Keep an eye out for collectibles on the way because that is an integral part of the game and it provides some XP too.

That’s pretty much everything you have to do to level up quickly in Maneater. All you have to do is be a vengeful shark who will kill and eat everything that it comes across. Simply be a shark that is feared by humans and creatures alike.

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