How To Increase Shark’s Infamy In Maneater?

The fastest way to massively increase your Infamy!

Maneater is an open-world game that allows you to play as a maneating Shark. Humans have damaged the seas for centuries and your role as the Shark is to seek revenge from them. But it has a deep-seated motive as well –  to increase infamy and kill Scaly Pete, the shark hunter that killed your mom.

Your aim is to grow as an Infamy among humans. Being lethal to a point where humans are asked to hunt you down. That way you increase your infamy level in the game. As you progress in Maneater, you have to increase your Infamy Rank to move further in the game.

Although feasting on unarmed humans sounds easy when you are a killing machine surfing through the waters, the game becomes extremely tough in the higher levels. Increasing your Infamy in Maneater is no easy task. And so here we are, to guide you through the best tips to insanely increase your Shark’s Infamy Rank in Maneater.

Scaly Pete is the final professional hunter in Maneater, the human who killed your mother

Increase Infamy rank in Maneater

Here are a few tips that will help you to increase your Infamy rank insanely –

  • Kill a large number of humans in a single death spree.
  • Randomly go on mad rampages against humans surfing near the shore.
  • Reach Dead Horse Lake. This area is infested with humans boating and swimming.
  • Your aim is to attract Shark hunters. Eating them will get you more points and Infam rankings.
  • To get Shark hunters to attack you, kill more than 9 humans.
  • Just like GTA games, you will now have a threat level on you.
  • Eventually, weak Shark catchers and hunters will come to hunt you.
  • These hunters are not very strong and can’t be killed easily.
  • The Infamy bar on the top right corner of the screen is gradually filling.
  • Once the Infamy bar is completely filled, a professional Shark Hunter will be sent to kill you.
  • Your infamy will no longer increase until you defeat the pro-hunter.
  • Once you defeat the professional, your shark undergoes a mutation/transformation.
  • You will receive a new hefty body, a pack of nutrients, and a refreshed Infamy bar.
  • You can now continue increasing your Infamy by eating more hunters and humans.
  • In total, there are 10 professional shark hunters that you need to defeat to reach Scaly Pete.
  • With every professional hunter you kill, the enemy becomes tougher and tougher to defeat. But so do the rewards and your Shark’s Infamy Rank.

You now know the tricks and statistics of massively increasing your Infamy rank, faster in Maneater. So what are you waiting for!? Go and chow down on humans and pro-hunters, find Scaly Pete, and take your revenge. And while you are here, read up on How To Level Up Quickly In Maneater?