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Maneater: How To Save Your Game

Save your adventure

Your dream of becoming a merciless shark swimming in the depths of the ocean comes true in Maneater. In this game, you play as a vengeful shark out to avenge the death of his mother. You start out small, as a young shark and as you progress, you become a more ferocious version of yourself. This progression is what makes Maneater fun and it would be a shame if it’s not saved properly. So, in this guide, we will show you how to save in Maneater.

How To Save Game in Maneater?

The auto-save feature in Maneater is good so you don’t have to worry too much about saving the game. You will be notified when the game is saving by showing you a fin on the top right area of the screen.

Now, if you want to save game in Maneater manually, turns out that there is no manual saving option. The only action that will save game is to do something important like completing a mission, finishing fights etc. If you quit a game without activating any of these save triggers, then you will lose some of your progress, so be careful.

The simplest way to save game is to go back to the grotto which will ensure that the game auto-saves. This ends up being useful because when you continue the game after that, it will start from the nearest grotto.

Saving the Game in the Grotto in Maneater

You don’t have to do anything specific to save game in grotto. All you have to do is enter it and the game will get saved. While you are in the grotto, you can also get some upgrades done for your shark.

So that’s everything about how to save game in Maneater. Simply do something that will trigger the auto save and you’re good. Even if something happens, know that your most important tasks like upgrades and missions will be saved. At the most, you will lose a few minutes of the game.

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