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Maneater: How To Open Gates Easily

Open the gates of these dams

Maneater by Tripwire Interactive is a game where you play as a shark. Eating other creatures, eating humans, collecting nutrients are part of your daily life. Eventually, as you progress, you will evolve and upgrade yourself. This is all for your main goal of becoming a dangerous apex predator and getting your revenge. Now, while playing Maneater as a shark, you will come across large gates that will stop you from moving ahead. But that doesn’t mean the other side is inaccessible for you, you can actually open them to explore other areas. In this guide, you will know how to open gates in Maneater.

How Do I Open Large Gates in Maneater?


Observe the location of the switch at the top of the gate. Now, grab a big creature in your jaws and bring it towards the gate. Pick the right position in order to correctly aim towards the switch which is showing a red light. Once that is done, use tail whip (which is L1 on the PlayStation 4) to throw your catch onto the switch to flip it. Doing this will open up this gate for you.

For the creature to throw, pick one big enough to withstand the tight grab of your shark’s mouth. If you choose a weak fish, you won’t be able to throw it at all. Your shark will end up gobbling it up. Predators marked in red, like Alligators, are the best choices to open large gates.

There is another way to open gates in Maneater and that’s by jumping over them. This requires an upgraded shark so before you can do that, you can try the method mentioned above.


As you play Maneater, you will need few tips and tricks to be the best shark you can be. Look no further, just check out our Maneater tips guide to rule the ocean.