Maneater Guide: List Of All Apex Predators To Beat

Meet the apex predators

Being a shark swimming in the vast expanse of the ocean is not easy because the ocean is filled to the brim with creatures, big and small. Speaking of big creatures, one of the deadliest animals you will see in Maneater are the apex predators. They are the bosses of Maneater game and of course, you have to beat them in the game. When you kill a boss, you will be rewarded well and your journey towards evolution will get another push. In this guide, we will check out all apex predators in Maneater and where to find them.

Apex Predators in Maneater

Apex predators in Maneater are very powerful, so much so that you will be getting an achievement for beating each of them. Let’s see who are the main bosses that you will be facing off with in the game along with their locations, rewards and achievement names.

Apex Barracuda

This apex predator in Maneater will give you the Bone Teeth upgrade and the Delicious trophy when you kill it. To find this enemy, go to the Dead Horse Lake.

Apex Mako

Apex Mako will be found in the Golden Shores and defeating it will give you the Bone Fins upgrade. Beating Mako will also earn you the Shark on Shark Violence trophy.

Apex Alligator

This dangerous alligator will be located in the Fawtick Bayou and defeating it will give you the Amphibious upgrade. With this upgrade, you will be able to survive on land for longer as well as move faster there too. You will also unlock the Gator Meat trophy.

Apex Hammerhead

Sapphire Bay is where you will find the Apex Hammerhead. On killing it, you will get the Bone Body upgrade and the Pound It trophy.

Apex Great White Shark

The Great White Shark, one of the most terrifying apex predators in Maneater, will be found in the Prosperity Sands area. You will unlock the Bone Tail upgrade and This Is My Movie trophy. Remember that this boss is not an easy one to beat. It’s the Great White Shark after all.

Apex Orca

The Apex Orca, located in the Caviar Key is yet another deadly foe of your shark in Maneater. Upon defeating it, you will get the Bone Head upgrade and Tricks Didn’t Help Ya trophy.

Apex Sperm Whale

And finally, the sperm whale is an apex predator that can be found in the Gulf. You will get the Subliminal Evasion upgrade and I Thought You Were Tough trophy on defeating it. What this Subliminal Evasion upgrade does is that it makes the hostile creatures that are much smaller than you be neutral to you.

Defeating these apex predators will give you a lot of benefits like the bone armor set, useful upgrades, trophies and of course, bragging rights. Only after you kill all of these apex predators you can call yourself the unbeaten ruler of the underwater world.

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