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How To Defeat Maguu Kenki Boss In Genshin Impact

The perfect strategy to defeat Maguu Kenki Boss In Genshin Impact.

The 1.6 update of Genshin Impact brings us the brand new samurai puppet boss enemy Maguu Kenki and is certainly not a walk in the park to defeat it. The boss is strong and has some unexpected moves that may take you by surprise if you go into the fight unprepared. So in this Maguu Kenki boss fight guide, we will give you the best strategy to beat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact.


How to Beat the Maguu Kenki Boss In Genshin Impact (Boss Fight)?

You will find Maguu Kenki in the Twinning Isle and the Golden Apple Archipelago locations of Genshin Impact. It is a much stronger boss than some of the bosses that you have encountered before in the game. It will give you rewards like the Marionette Core. The fight is divided into two phases and here is the breakdown to both the phases and defeat the Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact easily.

Phase 1 of the Maguu Kenki Boss Fight in Genshin Impact


Slash Attack

Phase 1 will last until the boss has depleted about 1/3rd of its health. This phase is relatively easy to get by and the player should aim at taking 0 damage until this phase is over. He will only have one sword as a weapon in this phase. Most of the attacks are physical damage attacks in this phase.

Phase 1 Maguu Kenki Attacks


The following are the attacks that the Maguu Kenki will have in Phase 1 of the boss fight in Genshin Impact:

  • Whirlwind Slash – AoE attack where Maguu Kenki uses its sword in a 360-degree circular motion around it.
  • Flowing Water – Attacks thrice in a vertical motion from top to bottom in front of it.

Player Defense


  • The Whirlwind Slash attack can be seen coming as before the attack, the boss can be seen gathering energy by holding its sword. This should give you enough time to move as far as possible from the boss.
  • Flowing Water attack is pretty slow and you will have enough time to either dodge sideways or get away from the boss altogether. We suggest you dodge it and attack at the very same time.

Phase 2 of the Maguu Kenki Boss Fight in Genshin Impact

Phase 2 Genshin Impact

When phase 2 commences, Maguu Kenki will bring out another sword. This is your clue that phase two has begun. Now you have to deal with Cryo as well as Anemo elements. There will be a small animation that will be played at the start of this phase that will have a wide range of AoE damage around the boss in a circular motion. Just when the animation starts, you will have a few seconds’ buffer time to run away from the boss, so run as far as possible.

Phase 2 Maguu Kenki Attacks

The following are the attacks that the Maguu Kenki will have in Phase 2 of the boss fight in Genshin Impact:

  • Phantom Consecutive Slash – Teleports a nearby distance and a clone of it is still present on the original spot. Both of them are in lai stance and perform the Whirlwind Slash consecutively.
  • Phantom: Flowing Water – The boss will summon a phantom that will send a slant projectile attack towards you and the boss itself will send 4 slant attacks in a cross formation towards the player.
  • Dual Sword Burst – Uses both the Cryo and the Anemo sword for a long-range AoE attack around itself.
  • Phantom: Whirlwind Slash – The boss will commence a Whirlwind slash and summon a phantom right after which will be right next to it and will perform a Whirlwind Slash in a bigger radius.

Player Defense

  • For the Phantom Consecutive Slash, as soon as you see the teleportation, go to the actual boss and not the clone. The area of the damage will be denoted by a blue circle around the boss. It will appear just as it is about to perform the Whirlwind Slash. Steer clear of this circle. Make sure you are not standing between the clone and the actual boss. Both of their attacks are overlapping, so stand sideways. As soon as this attack stops, it will be the prime time to attack it back as Maguu Kenki will have a small cooldown period. This is when you attack and deal max damage to it and beat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact.
  • The Phantom: Flowing Water attack will be in your favor if you are at a distance from the main boss. It will first take a second or two to summon its phantom. This is your clue to get away from him so that you can dodge the slash attacks easily. Use your dash ability here to smooth out the dodges. The phantom will only shoot at you once. It is the main Maguu Kenki boss that will attack you multiple times. So you need to be more careful of that.
  • When the Dual Sword Burst is commenced, all you can do is defend yourself. So just run as far as you can. This attack will deal with the maximum amount of damage to your character.
  • Phantom: Whirlwind Slash is a tricky one but a good opportunity, Go away from the boss as it commences the first attack, and as soon as the attack is over, immediately run towards it so that the second attack will be in a radius that will surpass you and you will be inside the attacking circle. This will not deal you any damage but will give you an opportunity to attack and defeat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact.

Mask Attacks and Defenses in Both the Phases

Mask Attack Maguu Kenki

Protective Mask – Maguu Kenki will use its mask as a shield when attacked by long-range weapons. So do not waste your time with long-range weapons.
Exploding Mask – Unites both the parts of the mask and attacks it on the player which will rotate in a circular motion before exploding. Use dash and dodge sideways to duck this attack.
Pushing Mask – It will unite both the pieces of its mask and will push it in your direction. Simply dodge sideways to save your character from this attack.

General Tips and Tricks to Beat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact

The first and the most important trick to defeat the Maguu Kenki Boss In Genshin Impact is to use a melee combat character. When the boss fight starts, the Maguu Kenki takes its own sweet time to get up. During this time period, do not attack it as it will not take any kind of damage from any weapon. The Mask attacks are the easiest to dodge so try to not take any kind of damage during these attacks. You will need to preserve health for much more complicated attacks. Any long-ranged characters are useless. It has a shield ad will block any long-range attacks that you shoot at it.

So that is all for our guide on how to beat Maguu Kenki boss in Genshin Impact. If you would like to know how to beat Resurgent Cryo Regisvine in the game, we have an article on that too for you to check out.