The Quarry: Should you Kill the Hacketts and are they Good or Evil?

Should you trust the Hacketts or eliminate them?

This Family is an important part of Hackett’s Quarry and as you’ll notice, they keep following the characters around for quite a lot of story, seemingly trying to put us in danger through the shadows. Are these hunters good or are the Hacketts evil? And so, should you kill the Hacketts in The Quarry?

Some mild spoilers ahead.

Are the Hunters Good in The Quarry?

In some instances, the Hacketts aka the hunters do help our counselors by smearing werewolf blood on them to protect them from being attacked. Plus, Travis, who is a Hackett himself, warn Laura and Max to avoid going to the camp to save them. So, even though the family’s presence was to initially protect the characters, it changes to a negative feeling after a certain event. This is when they will start chasing you down with the intention of killing you.

Plus, without spoiling much, the Hacketts are part of the reason why the Quarry isn’t a safe place so in my gameplay, I was only friendly with Travis for his help and spared no other Hackett. Ultimately, the story encourages you to form your own opinion on the Hackett family. You can decide whether the Hacketts are victims or part of the problem.

should you kill the hacketts in the quarry
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Should You Kill The Hacketts in The Quarry?

Whether or not to kill the Hacketts in The Quarry depends on the outcome you’re aiming for. If you’re going for a “save everyone” playthrough then you will have to kill the father (Jedediah Hackett), mother (Constance Hackett), and Bobby at different times.

It’s possible to keep all counselors alive without killing any Hacketts but it requires specific choices throughout the game. Deaths of some Hacketts are unavoidable while some of them can be reasoned with for your characters’ safety.

The game offers an achievement/trophy called “Family Matters” for eliminating all the Hacketts, so if that’s what you’re going for, you will have to choose violence against them each time. Make sure to look up decision-making guides online so that you make the right choices — even a single decision or failure in a QTE can lead to a different outcome.

That was all about the Hacketts. If you’d like to ensure Kaitlyn’s survival in Chapter 10, you need to make a choice between a Beam or Window. Also, don’t forget to check out the cast of The Quarrykeep Dylan alivelocations of all Tarot cards, and how to unlock 80s Throwback outfits.