The Quarry: How To Save Kaitlyn

Here is how you can save Kaitlyn in The Quarry.

The Quarry is a spiritual successor of Until Dawn. In this game, all of the characters are stuck in the Hackett Quarry summer camp for another night and there is no guaranteed chance of any of them surviving. But as you play, you can help save them all from getting infected or dying. While you rarely get to play as Kaitlyn in the game, she does get to have her own near-death experience in The Quarry. If you too want to save Kaitlyn in The Quarry then this is the guide for you.

How to Save Kaitlyn in The Quarry

How To Save Kaitlyn The Quarry

There are a variety of actions that affect Kaitlyn later on in the game. Here are all of the decisions that you need to make to save Kaitlyn later on in The Quarry.

Chapter One

In Chapter One, you need to make sure that Abigail and Emma break into the cabin. Later on, this will help Kaitlyn, Nick and Abigail get into the same cabin when the werewolf attacks Dylan and Ryan in the radio hut in Chapter Five.

Abigail must also pick up the doll in the cabin to help Kaitlyn save herself and Dylan if you choose to go into the kitchen in Chapter Ten.

How to Save Kaitlyn in Chapter Nine (The Scrapyard)

The first time that Kaitlyn is in some real danger is when she goes to the Scrapyard with Dylan. You will be playing Dylan in this Chapter. And over here, Dylan is going to be operating the crane while Kaitlyn will be on the ground, looking through the car for some spare parts.

When in the crane, a werewolf will approach them. Dylan must choose to warn Kaitlyn. This will prompt Kaitlyn to get into the car and hide. While the werewolf goes to grab Kaitlyn, you must sound the horn as Dylan.

This will give Kaitlyn the chance to get out of the car and fall onto the tires below. The werewolf on the other hand will come straight for Dylan as it climbs the crane to get to the crane cabin. Get ready to flame him with the lighter next to you.

As soon as the werewolf smashes into the crane, you will have to use the flames on full heat. This will send the werewolf to the ground. It will then go after Kaitlyn. This will be a quick-timed event and you will have to make sure that you drop the car on top of the werewolf as soon as the prompt turns green.

If you succeed, this will save both, Dylan and Kaitlyn in The Quarry.

How to Save Kaitlyn in Chapter Ten

In Chapter Ten, werewolf Caleb will come after Kaitlyn and Dylan in the lodge. Here, you will be playing as Kaitlyn. Once you get down the stairs, you will get to choose between investigating and getting the silver shells from Abigail and Emma or going to the kitchen with Dylan.

In the Kitchen

If you want to escape without having to kill Caleb then you should get into the kitchen. Hide behind the counter and hold your breath till he turns around. Now, scram and get to Dylan. You must now choose to open the freezer. You will now throw the doll from Abi’s bag into the freezer. Caleb will jump into it and you will have to smash the command till you close the door and secure it.

Kill Caleb

If you don’t want to save Caleb then you will have to go to investigate and get the silver shells from Abigail and Emma. You will then be faced with werewolf Caleb at the bottom of the staircase. With only one shot, you must aim well and kill Caleb as he comes at you. If you succeed then he will die on the spot.

This is how you can save Kaitlyn in The Quarry. If you liked this guide then check out this one on how you can unlock and change outfits in the game.