The Quarry: How To Unlock and Change Character Outfits

Wondering how you can unlock and change outfits in The Quarry? This guide will help you out.

Got The Quarry and can’t find the option to unlock or change character outfits? The option doesn’t exist in the game yet. Don’t worry you didn’t read it wrong the game will give you both the options soon. Let us quickly check how you can unlock outfits in The Quarry and how to change them.

How to Unlock Outfits in The Quarry

how to unlock outfits in the quarry

You can unlock character Outfits by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game. You get the following outfits on purchase:

  • Ryan 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Abigail 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Dylan 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Laura 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Jacob 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Max 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Nick 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Kaitlyn 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Emma 80s Throwback Outfit

These are the known outfits so far, there is also a chance that the game might release new outfits with the updates. So those outfits might be unlockable by doing in-game activities. But this part of getting unlockable outfits with updates is just speculation and not official.

Other than the outfits Deluxe Edition also gives you:

  • Access to the Death Rewind system
  • Gorefest Movie Mode option
  • Horror History Visual Filter Pack

How to Change Outfits

Not sure how to put on the outfits? Follow these steps.

  • Go to the Main Menu.
  • Head to the Settings.
  • Go to Display.
  • Check the Add-ons and the Character Packs section.
  • Change it to 80s Throwback.
  • Go back and the game should have the characters wearing 80s outfits!

That covers this guide on how to unlock & change outfits in The Quarry. If you are playing this game right now and need some help then check out our other guides on how to save Dylan, how to find all Tarot Cards, and how to use death rewind.