The Quarry: How To Save Dylan and Keep Him Alive

Here is how you can save Dylan in The Quarry.

Dylan is one of the more relaxed camp counselors in this survival horror game. With all of the characters stuck in the Hackett Quarry summer camp for another night, there is no guaranteed chance of any of them surviving. But as you play, you can help save them all from getting infected or dying. Thankfully, Dylan is one of the easier ones to save in the game. Seeing as how he spends most of his time with Kaitlyn and Ryan when in trouble. And so, this is your guide on how to save Dylan in The Quarry.

How to Save Dylan in The Quarry

The Quarry How To Save Dylan

When Dylan and Ryan are in the Radio hut, Kaitlyn, Nick, and Abigail can get into the hut that Abi and Emma had broken into previously. This will get the werewolves to focus on the injured counselors over Dylan and Ryan. Which will give Dylan the chance to fix the radio. However, when he does go to do so, he will get bit by a werewolf on his hand.

Now, Ryan has to choose between amputating it with the Confident or Chainsaw options. Both have severe consequences as you could either have him save Kaitlyn at the scrapyard or turn into a werewolf at the same place. And so, the right one to choose is the Chainsaw option. This will cut off the infected area smoothly and prevent the infection from going any further.

By doing this, you will save Dylan from turning into a werewolf himself in one of the most crucial moments. This is the only time that Dylan is in danger of being infected and turning into a werewolf. Once you amputate his arm, however, he will no longer be a threat. And even though he just has one arm, he is able to fight and play just as well as our characters with two.

How to Save Dylan And Kaitlyn in the Scrapyard

The second time that Dylan is in danger is when he goes to the Scrapyard with Kaitlyn. Over here, Dylan is going to be operating the crane while Kaitlyn will be on the ground.

When in the crane, a werewolf will approach Kaitlyn on the ground. Since Dylan is on the top, he must choose to warn Kaitlyn. This will prompt her to get into the car and hide. While the werewolf goes to grab Kaitlyn, you must sound the horn as Dylan.

This will give Kaitlyn the chance to get out of the car and fall onto the tires below. The werewolf on the other hand will come straight for you. As it climbs the crane. Get ready to flame him with the lighter next to you. This is a quick-timed event and so, you must make sure that you get it right.

As soon as the werewolf smashes into the crane’s cabin area, you will have to use the flames on full heat. This will scare him and send the werewolf to the ground. He will then go after Kaitlyn slowly. This is also a quick-timed event as you will have to make sure that you drop the car on top of the werewolf as soon as the prompt turns green.

This will smash the werewolf on the ground and save both, Dylan and Kaitlyn in the game. These are both of the instances that you can save Dylan in the game. Make sure that you amputate his arm and you will get through both easily.

We hope that this guide on how to save Dylan from being infected and save him in The Quarry was useful to you. If you liked this guide then check out this one on how to save Nick in the game.