The Quarry – How To Save Nick

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The Quarry is a narrative-driven survival and horror video game by Supermassive Games and 2k. Although the game is set up in modern times, it is inspired by teen slasher movies from the 80s and 90s. While it isn’t a long game, its branching and complex storyline can expand the game furthermore. Coming to the central plot of the game, Nick is one of the nine teenagers stranded in the Haccket’s Quarry. Each of the decisions that you take as you progress, can affect the narrative in several ways. So, is there a way to save Nick in the Quarry? Read till the end to find out.

Can You Save Nick in the Quarry

The answer to this question is, Yes! you can save Nick till the conclusion.

Due to this game being narrative-based, there is no way to do this without spoilers. So, you can expect tons of heavy spoilers for the Quarry!

As mentioned earlier, it is a narrative-driven videogame, and the decisions you make determine the plot. Although some of the factors remain unchanged. For example, Nick’s transformation into a werewolf.

While it cannot be that bad, I prefer being a Vampire over that. According to the lore of the story, the curse can be lifted once the person that infected you with the curse dies. So, here are all the decisions that result in saving Nick during the different chapters:

Chapter Three

When Nick and Abigail are reunited in the woods in the Haccket’s Quarry, a werewolf will attack them and bite Nick. As every supernatural lore suggests, he will transform into a werewolf while the player switches to Abi. Now, She will have two important decisions to make, “Help Nick” or “Run to the Camp”. You need to pick the first decision to lure the werewolf away from him. Then, a hunter will try to take Nick away from the woods. Soon as Ryan enters the narrative, you will be given an option to shoot. You need to make sure not accidentally shoot and kill Nick.

Chapter Six

Due to the infected werewolf genes, Nick acts strange and weird before his intimate conversation with Abigail. But as soon as Abi pushes him into the swimming pool, he faints and gets taken inside the room to rest. While Abi tries to comfort him, he pushes her back and the character switches to Abigail. With a shotgun in your hand, you need to decide whether to shoot or not.

This may seem a bit contradictory but you need to shoot Nick. If you don’t, he would gruesomely kill Abi in his incomplete werewolf state. But upon shooting him, he will run away and complete his transformation.

the quarry how to save nick
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Chapter Eight

As Ryan and Laura explore Haccket’s house, they come across Nick in an electrifying cage. While they don’t recognize him at first, Ryan recognizes Jacob in a cage next to him. If you don’t intervene, Laura shoots and kills Nick.

So, make sure to intervene and stop Laura from shooting.

Chapter Ten

Coming close to the conclusion, in this chapter, we will realize that Caleb is the one that infected Nick. There are several ways to kill Caleb during this chapter. When Kaitlyn and Dylan are attacked by a Caleb in the werewolf form, lock him up in the freezer. If you kill Silas, the White Wolf, the curse will be lifted and Caleb will freeze to death. But as Silas is killed, the curse would be lifted for everyone including Nick.

But who is Silas? That’s for you to find out!

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