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The Quarry: How To Save Jacob

Here is how to complete the fuse box puzzle and save Jacob in the Quarry.

The Quarry is a survival horror game where players must go about to save each other as they try to break the Werewolf curse, and run away from the Hackett family as well as other elements in the woods. Once you reach Chapter 8, you will find a caged Jacob and one of the werewolves, Nick. You can either choose to save Jacob or leave him with Nick and hope that he doesn’t die. If you choose to save Jacob, this is how you can solve the fuse box puzzle to get him out of The Quarry.

How to Solve the Cage Puzzle and Save Jacob


How To save Jacob The Quarry

Assuming that you haven’t shot Jacob already, here is how you can save him from his cage by using the fuse box in the Quarry.

Follow this sequence to save Jake from his cage:


  • First select breakers One and Two
  • Press Continue
  • Now, select breakers Two and Three

Once saved, the group will then go to search and save Emma next.

Make sure that Laura doesn’t go to kill werewolf Nick while you are busy saving Jake. To do this, you will have to break her concentration by using the interruption event. This will stop her from touching the cage.


What Happens if You Don’t Save Jacob?

If you mess up and don’t manage to save him from the cage maze then either Nick will come into Jake’s cage right then itself or in the next chapter.

Spoiler alert: Jacob will die if left in the cage because the electricity goes out in the next chapter. And so, if you don’t get him out, he won’t live to see the next day.


This was your guide on how to solve the fuse box puzzle and save Jacob in the Quarry. If you liked this guide then check out this one on the top 10 best Xbox One horror games.