The Quarry: How To Find All Tarot Cards (Location Guide)

Check out our guide on how to find all the Tarot cards in the Quarry.

The Quarry is the narrative-based horror and survival videogame by Supermassive Games. Due to its storyline, the clues and items serve quite pivotal to the game’s progression. As the players progress to uncover mysteries, they can find tarot cards around the Hackett’s Quarry. At the end of each chapter, you can take these cards to Eliza, a tarot card reader. There are 22 tarot cards and if you manage to collect them all, you get an achievement unlocked.

How to Find All Tarot Cards in The Quarry

Mentioned below are the locations of all the tarot cards that can be found in different chapters:


Laura will find one of the Tarot cards in the Prologue.

The Fool

As Laura suspects someone nearby, she scans the area to look for the voice. You can find the Fool tarot card on a rock as you pass through the route.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 1

There’s only one Tarot card in chapter one but it can be missed easily.


You will find the Temperance tarot card at Hackett’s Quarry as you play Jacob. Step inside the room from the window and scan the nearby area. You will find the tarot card in the kitchen placed beside a cauldron on the stove.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 2

Similar to the last chapter, you will find only one card during this chapter.

The Hanged Man

Choose the Rocky road route when Abi and Nick go for a stroll back to the camp. Upon choosing the trail, find The Hanged Man tarot card over a rock above you both.

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Tarot Cards in Chapter 3

You can find two tarot cards during this chapter.

The Tower

While strolling around the woods as Abigail, you will find the Tower tarot card placed on the wood.

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The Star

Like Jacob, you will find the Star tarot card upon taking a step inside the boathouse on a wooden pillar.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 4

You can find two tarot cards as you play Emma and Dylan in the Quarry.

The Magician

After Emma has had enough with the entire trip, she decides to go solo. You need to walk down the stairs to the end of the pier to collect the Magician tarot card.


As this card can disappear within some seconds, hurry up to collect it. While playing Dylan, collect this tarot card upon entering the lodge.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 5

You can find two of the tarot cards while playing as Dylan.

The Devil

You can see a Swing by a huge tree. Pass through the swings and wooden table to find the Devil tarot card.

The Hermit

Go behind the building to find the Hermit tarot card. If you are looking for some evidence, you can also find claw marks in front of the radio hut.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 6

You can find two tarot cards as you play Jacob and Abigail in the Quarry.


While playing as Jacob, take a right and head right, again. Get down the wooden stairs and walk a couple of steps to find the Justice tarot card.

The Moon

As you play Abigail, head straight and walk to shower rooms to find the Moon tarot card.

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Tarot Cards in Chapter 7

You can find two tarot cards while playing Laura during this chapter.

The World

Upon being imprisoned, you will be able to walk in the cell as Laura. You can find the World tarot card in the near left corner of the prison bars.

The Chariot

Once you can leave the prison discover the nearby area, head right, and take a left. You will find the Chariot tarot card placed on a wooden beam above.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 8

Although Ryan and Laura hit a rocky road during their first meet, they drop down exploring the mysterious basement in the quarry. Over there, you can find three tarot cards as you play Laura and Ryan.

The Lovers

Climb up the stairs of the quarry and stand beside a small area. The camera will pan as you will be able to collect the Lovers tarot card.

Wheel of Fortune

Pass through a narrow route with a glowing lantern as you explore the quarry. Laura will find the Wheel of Fortune placed beside the glowing lantern.

The Empress

Once you reach the room with plenty of barrels, get inside a side room to the left. As you play Ryan, scan the area and find the Empress tarot card when the camera pans.

The Emperor

Leave the side room and get to the room with plenty of barrels. You will find the Emperor tarot card on a wall as you pass through the shelves of these barrels.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 9

You will find four of the most important tarot cards during this chapter. These are Death, Sun, Judgement, and Hierophant.


After being introduced to the Hackett house and Constance, Ryan will explore the house. Go to the center of the room near a cage to find the Death tarot card.


As you play Laura, head upstairs and enter the room at the end. You will find the Sun tarot card to the left of the room.


While playing Dylan, enter the scrapyard to explore the area. Take a left and head straight till you find stairs leading upwards. Climb the stairs and walk a couple of steps to find the Judgement tarot card.


Emma and Abi explore the storm shelter to scan for the clues. While playing Abigail, pass through the bookshelves to find the stairs to your right. You will find the Hierophant tarot card as you approach the stairs.

Tarot Cards in Chapter 10

You will find one last tarot card at the portrait as Kaitlyn explores the lodge.

The High Priestess

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Head upstairs and walk left near a wooden chair. As the camera pans, you can collect the High Priestess tarot card.

Once you have collected every tarot card, you will receive the Decked Out achievement or trophy.

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