The Quarry: How To Save Emma and Keep her Alive

Here is how you can save Emma in chapters four, eight and ten in The Quarry.

Emma has three close-to-death moments in the game. All three could lead to certain death for her in the game. The three times that she can die are in Chapter Four, Chapter Eight, and the last in Chapter Ten. She is also one of the few in the gang that can be infected by the werewolf curse. If you’re looking to save her in all three chapters then this is the guide for you. Find out how to save Emma in The Quarry easily.

How to Save Emma in The Quarry

The Quarry How To Save Emma

Here, we will simplify how to save Emma in all three chapters as well as keep her from getting infected.

How to Save Emma in Chapter 4

You play as Emma in Chapter Four and go through a bunch of choices as she goes head to head with a werewolf. As she goes, there is a choice that Emma needs to make between a trap door and looking through a bag. This is the first time that she will face death head-on.

She will be given the choice to look into a bag or open a trap door. Players must choose to look into the bag and then choose the trap door. If you choose the trap door first then you will end up with her throat cut. The bag will contain a taser and some bear spray that Emma can use either of the two on the werewolf that is in the trap door. We recommend using the taser but the bear spray works just fine as well.

You will also have to make sure that she doesn’t fall off the zipline later when she goes on it the second time. Or else, she will fall and get mauled by the werewolf down below. You will have to reel in the zipline as fast as you can as either way, the werewolf will come on top. Going slow will lead to an escape that is cutting it a bit too close.

Once you finish the zipline, you will have to make sure that she doesn’t fall in the end as well. To help with this, just fall into the water or get as close to the ground as possible.

How to Stop Emma from Getting Infected?

Chapter Four is also when Emma can get infected. To avoid getting bit, you will have to push the cabinet while running to the second trapdoor. Now, from here, you will have to make sure that you succeed while performing the quick-time events.

If you hadn’t taken the fireworks previously, Emma won’t have them to scare the werewolf away and call to the hunters. This will lead her to get bitten on the leg. So make sure that you grab the firecrackers as soon as you see them when roaming around the lodge.

How to Save Emma in Chapter 8

If infected in Chapter Four, death is sure to come in Chapter Eight. She will be discovered by Kaitlyn and then will transform into a werewolf. This leaves Kaitlyn only one choice, to shoot Emma with a silver bullet. This will save Kaitlyn and the rest of the characters.

This character’s death can only be stopped by picking the right choices in Chapter Four.

How to Save Emma in Chapter 10

You can save Emma in Chapter Ten by staying away from an infected Jacob when reunited. This is under the condition that Jacob is infected and has not successfully dodged the neck bite in Chapter Six. If you want both to survive then you must make sure that he dodges the neck bite. This will save both, Jacob and Emma.

These were all of the ways that players can save Emma and prevent her from getting infected in Chapters Four, Eight, and Ten in The Quarry. Most of her safety measures depend on the actions that you take in the previous chapters. Check out this guide on how to save Jacob, if you want to know how to save more characters as well.