Choose Beam Or Window in The Quarry? Best Choice

The right decision can mean life or death for Kaitlyn in The Quarry, so what should you go for? Beam or Window? Find out here.

When the werewolf is chasing Kaitlyn in Chapter 10, you will be faced with a choice of Beam or Window. It can be a tricky one at that moment, since the werewolf is right behind you and you’d want to get Kaitlyn to survive the night alone. Luckily, both options can help keep her alive but the QTEs that follow are highly important. Here are the consequences of each decision.

Should you choose Beam or Window in The Quarry?

beam or window kaitlyn the quarry
Image source: Supermassive Games

If you choose Beam, and don’t fail the QTE that makes Kaitlyn balance herself on the beam, she will make it to the other side. The werewolf behind her will fall to the floor.

Now, if you fail the QTE while trying to cross the wooden beam, she will fall off which proves to be fatal for her.

If you choose Window and don’t fail the QTE, you will jump outside, navigate the roof and get inside another room through a window. The werewolf will still follow you and this will take you to more crucial decisions like running or hiding from the monster.

If you fail the QTE after choosing the window route, you may get a broken spine when you fall and get mauled by the werewolf.

These aren’t the only causes of death for her – she can get frozen to death, eaten, strangled, slaughtered, and mauled, so players have to ensure they make the right decision at every step to save her and keep Kaitlyn alive. While you’re at it, check out how to save Dylan in The Quarry as well.