The Quarry: Should Ryan Stab Bobby?

Make the right choice — find out what happens if you stab or don’t stab Bobby with the knife.

Should Ryan stab Bobby or not? In The Quarry, your decisions can mean life or death for the characters. And depending on whether you want everyone to live or everyone to die, you must make the right choices in every situation. Take a look at the immediate consequences of Ryan stabbing Bobby vs not stabbing him.

Should Ryan Stab Bobby in The Quarry?

To ensure Ryan’s and Laura’s survival when werewolf Chris attacks, you need to stab Bobby.

what happens if ryan stabs or doesnt stab bobby

What happens if you stab Bobby

When Ryan stabs Bobby, it will weaken him leading to his death later in the game when he’s face to face with a bigger threat. If his parents also survived till this fight, Chris will kill them too. So if you’re planning on eventually killing the Hackett family and surviving in the process, you can stab him when the moment comes. Plus, the reaction that Bobby has after he gets stabbed is worth seeing.

What happens if you don’t stab Bobby

If you don’t stab Bobby, he will be strong enough to protect his family when werewolf Chris attacks and save his family members, which is when Chris will focus his attack on Ryan, potentially killing him.

What happens is that he will try to grab Chris’ legs but since the werewolf is significantly more powerful, Bobby gets thrown against the wall, and his parents leave the room without being attacked.

There are other outcomes that can lead to Bobby directly stabbing Ryan in the neck later as well. He may also comment something along the lines of Ryan ‘taking his knife’.

The next step after the appearance of werewolf Chris, involves a shotgun and whether Ryan decides to shoot Chris, werewolf Laura, or do nothing at all.

So without spoiling much, that’s what you need to know about this particular decision. With that, don’t forget to check out the actual cast of The Quarry, how to save Kaitlyn, keep Dylan alive, locations of all Tarot cards, and how to unlock 80s Throwback outfits.