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Starfield Jettison: What Does It mean? (Explained)

Check out this guide to know what does Jettison mean after accessing the Cargo Hold in Starfield.

After accessing the Ship’s Cargo Hold, players will come across a term called Jettison at the bottom of their screen along with other options in Starfield. And while other options like Inspect and Take are self-explanatory, players might get confused as to what Jettison means. As you will be spending most of the time exploring the different star systems and planets, it is important to know every mechanic of the ship. It will help make a difference while traveling across the vast cosmos with it. So if you are wondering about the meaning behind the word Jettison and want to know what the option does, then here is a guide you should check out further.

What is Jettison in Starfield?

What Does Jettison Mean In Starfield?
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The Jettison option in your ship’s cargo hold lets you intentionally discard any items stored onboard onto the vast expanse of space. It lets you throw any item in your ship’s cargo hold in space, reducing the mass and increasing carrying capacity accordingly. However, jettisoning any item will make it unrecoverable meaning you won’t be able to get it back once thrown overboard. It is one of the things you will have to keep in mind while using the mechanic in the game. You will be able to throw any item at your disposal in the vast space.

The option to Jettison an item comes in clutch when you have to toss those contrabands before going through security checks in Starfield. With that being said, the option can be used in various situations in the game. If you are looking to empty the cargo anyhow then your best bet would be to sell it off to the vendors with most credits around the system.

Starfield FAQs

Where is the Jettison Option?

You will find the Jettison option after accessing your ship’s cargo hold in Starfield. You can access your ship’s cargo hold by interacting with the cargo hold panel located around the ship or through the character menu. It will depend from ship to ship where the panel is located.

How to Jettison Cargo in Starfield?

To Jettison Cargo in Starfield, players will have to access the Cargo Hold and select the item they want to discard. After which they can press Y on the Xbox Controller or B key on their keyboard to throw the item in space.

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