Starfield Fiber Location: Where To Find And Farm

Fiber is a common but vital resource in Starfield. Check out this guide to learn where to find and farm it.

In Starfield, players come across a variety of flora and fauna every time they visit a planet and Fiber happens to be a very useful resource that you will need frequently during the game. It will come in handy not only while crafting tools but also during quests and missions. Compared to other resources in this game, this is one of the easier ones to find. It is also made available to the player early in the game’s story. No matter how handy and precious this resource might be, it is easy to get stuck searching for it aimlessly for hours if you do not know where to find it. You can find all the details on farming it below.

Where to Find and Farm Fiber in Starfield (Location)

Finding And Farming Fiber In Starfield
Picture Credits – YourSixGaming on YouTube
  • You can find plentiful of this resource on Jemison in Alpha Centauri. You will visit this place early on in the game, during the main storyline itself.
  • When you have a view of the planet in front of you, locate a forest or mountain area and travel to that location.
  • Once you land, you can use your scanner to survey your surroundings and look for Boreas Root or Glossy Stickweed.
  • Glossy Stickweed is short in size and looks like a tree trunk; Boreas Root is quite large and has leaves around it.
  • After you have successfully located either of these plants, click on A to harvest it.
  • You should find the harvested resource in your inventory once you are done.
  • This process may be easy, but there is another less time-consuming way to get Fiber, and that is by purchasing it from different vendors across all planets.
  • One of the places it can be bought is from the vendors at Cydonia Mining Exchange on Mars. This place is filled with traders and stores.
  • Once you have entered the outpost, go through the hallway and down the ramp. There will be a door towards your right, you will meet the Trade Authority Vendor, and he will ask for four credits for each unit of Fiber.

This is all you need to know if you want to farm or purchase fiber in Starfield. If you need a guide to harvest other materials, you can check how to harvest Gaseous Resources and how to mine Helium right here on Gamer Tweak.