How To Be A Bounty Hunter In Starfield

Do you know how to unlock your space western fantasies as a bounty hunter in Starfield? Let's find out how.

For those players looking to earn credits and live out their space western fantasies, bounty hunting is one of the most lucrative avenues available in Starfield. By taking down wanted criminals across the colonies, you can make a name for yourself with the Trackers Alliance. However, finding and accepting bounty missions isn’t always straightforward. We’ll explain how to be a bounty hunter in Starfield.

How to Get the Bounty Hunter Missions in Starfield

How To Be A Bounty Hunter In Starfield

Find Trackers Alliance Agents

Trackers Alliance Agents are the ones who will give you your bounty hunter missions. They can be found in large spaceport cities and are easily recognizable by their bulky bounty hunter armor. Look for them, and ask them about their unique mission if you want an exciting challenge.

On the other hand, if you have a bounty on your head, you can clear it with the Trackers Alliance Agents for a price. It will be removed when you are selected as “Wanted” and pay your bounty. This is important as it allows you to access more missions without any hindrances.

Access Mission Boards

Mission Boards are where you can get bounty hunter missions directly from the Trackers Alliance. You can find them in faction headquarters and bars where companions can be hired. They are often located next to Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosks.

Access the mission menu and look for missions that involve destroying ships, killing targets, or saving hostages, as these are bounty hunter missions. The reward will be listed to the right of the mission name. Accept the mission, as it will be placed in your mission log.

Now that you have a mission, it’s time to track down the target and do what is necessary to complete the job. Once you’ve finished the mission, you’ll receive the reward.

How to Find the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

The Bounty Hunter spacesuit can be found in the Mantis side mission. To initiate this mission, you must kill Spacers until you find the Secret Outpost slate. After reading the slate, travel to the Denebola I-B moon in the Denebola, where the Lair of the Secret Outpost landing zone can be found.

Once inside, continue clearing enemies and navigating through the facility until reaching a large room. In this room, you can find the Bounty Hunter spacesuit inside a golden case.

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