How To Fake Wins In Wordle

Are there any ways to cheat in Wordle? Find out here!

Wordle is a wonderful word puzzle game that we love to play daily. Its unique concept has led to its viral fame along with the fact that many are sharing their result scores on Twitter. If you guess the answer in the fewest attempts, you get bragging rights and you can show off your vocabulary and word guessing skills to the world. But what if you are not able to guess the answer? How to cheat in Wordle to get that internet adoration and compliments? Here are a few ways to be the ultimate word game trickster and fake wins.

How to Cheat in Wordle?

  • Use websites with word lists and hints.
  • Take a peek at the answer beforehand.
  • Make an attempt in incognito.
  • Use a Wordle Solver.

Use Word List Websites

Sometimes, you may find yourself being stuck with a few hints but no word comes to mind. What’s a 5 letter word that starts with PR and ends in Y? Which word ends with CK? Many people have begun searching for queries like this which will then lead them to websites featuring word lists. For example, there’s Wordhippo, Wordfind, WordGameHelper, and more. To get some extra help, head over to any of these sites and search for words based on the hint. You will surely get much closer to the answer this way.

Take a Peek at the Solution

We’ve got the spoiler-filled Wordle Answer list right here for you. Due to the timezone difference, you may find the solution for the next day as well which you can use to cheat in Wordle. Once you’ve checked it, simply add a word that’s close to the solution as your first attempt and then hit ’em with the real answer in the second attempt. Share this on Twitter and voila, you’ve tricked them all!

Make an Attempt in Incognito

When you type your answers in the browser, the game will keep it saved so when you refresh, you will still see what you played last. So, make an attempt in Incognito mode and type any 5 letter words as guesses. When you reach the end and fail, the game will reveal the answer to you and then you can use it to do it ‘right’ in your browser tab.

Use a Wordle Solver (Wordle Cheat Generator)

Quite a few Wordle-like browser games have cropped up ever since the original went viral, and so did Wordle solvers. Basically, these are different ways to get better guesses at words. Type in your first guess and click on the colors based on what feedback Wordle gives you. Then, the solver will calculate and give you the next best guess. It is not guaranteed to help you solve the word by the second guess but you will be able to do so at least in your 4th attempt.

So there you have it! These are the different ways to cheat in Wordle. If you truly want to have fun with the game, it’s best to give it your best effort, and soon enough, you’ll become a pro! Here are our guides on the best starting words and more tips and hints you can use while you are it. That’s not all – here’s more about Wordle:

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