Wordle Strategy, Hints, Tips & Best Starting Words To Use

Check out these Wordle tips and tricks as well as the best starting words to win and master the viral puzzle game.

Wordle has taken the world by storm and if you’ve been online on Twitter, you have definitely not missed the yellow and green blocks that users are sharing. In this article, we’ve explained how to play Wordle and the basics to reach the answer and solve the puzzle. Today, we will take a look at some more Wordle hints, tips, tricks and the best starting words you can use.

Wordle Strategy, Hints and Tips to Win like a Pro

So, you know the rules and how the game works but you’re struggling to master this viral game? Don’t worry. Read through every step mentioned below and you will start thinking in the right direction immediately.

  • Start off with a 5 letter word with multiple vowels. This will narrow down your search by quite a bit. With every attempt, you can rule out particular vowels which will bring you closer to the answer, faster.
  • In your first attempt, try using words where every letter is unique so that you make the most of the results you get. So, avoid words with double letters like ALGAE initially unless absolutely required.
  • It’s a guessing game/word puzzle game with no clues, but your previous guess is the biggest clue you’ve got. Since you have only 6 attempts, avoid using words with rarer letters.
  • Strictly avoid re-using the letters in grey to be able to reach the final word quickly.
  • Can letters be used twice in a word in Wordle? Yes. So, keep that in mind while guessing. It does elevate the challenge and will make you rack your brain a bit more than usual.
    wordle best starting word
  • One feature that you might miss and can use to your advantage is the color of the keyboard. It shows your already-guessed green, yellow, and most importantly, grey letters on the keyboard itself. With this, you can form words by visually eliminating those showing up in grey.
  • Based on the previous solutions, sometimes the words are as simple as DRINK, while sometimes they can even be something like BANAL which doesn’t really come to mind immediately. So, keep your options open and your vocabulary wide.
  • After your first couple of attempts, things become more ‘strategic’. You may have some grey letters, yellow and one or two green. Now it’s all about switching up the spots of the yellows and ensuring that the green letter stay where they are and eliminating the greys. Think of all possible combinations with these limitations and the final answer will come to you pretty soon.
  • Speaking of vocabulary, you can look up 5-letter word lists online if you are really stuck. Is that cheating? It’s a grey area. I mean, you aren’t looking for solutions directly, only looking up the list of loads of 5-letter words out of which the answer could be ANYTHING. But if you are narrowing down your Google search to ‘5 letter words that end with INK’, then the area probably isn’t grey anymore.

Wordle Best 5 Letter Starting Words

Here are some of the best starting words you can try:


There are no guarantees that this will lead you to the answer/solution in the fewest attempts. But these are good starting points to use in case you are stuck.

So, this was the list of Wordle hints, tips and tricks along with the best starting words to use. In case this helped you out and if you are a gamer, don’t forget to explore the content on Gamer Tweak!