Best Games Like Wordle: Similar Wordle Type Clones To Play

Check out these FREE games like Wordle (knockoffs & spinoffs) and choose your favorite alternative to play daily.

Word puzzles are my jam. They offer just the right amount of challenging and fun aspects in every riddle or puzzle. There are many like me, which is why Wordle has gone viral on Twitter and other social media sites. What makes it unique is that everyone gets the same word puzzle and there’s only one puzzle that you can solve in a day. If you are left hungry for more, you must wait until tomorrow. Now, in case you don’t like to wait, you can try some of these games like Wordle that can be good alternatives to play Wordle unlimited unblocked.

Best Games like Wordle to Play (Similar Free Alternatives)

You will find lots of word games online that you can play on PC, mobile, or browser, but here are some of the best games like Wordle that are free!

Wheedle – Browser Game Similar to Wordle

wordle games similar

This can be called a Wordle clone because it’s just that similar. Just like Wordle, you can play it on the browser. But with Wheedle, you can enjoy more than one level a day.

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Hello Wordl

wordle free alternatives unblocked

This is another game like Wordle which is one of the best alternatives you can play on your browser. The rules are the same and you can increase your challenge by increasing the number of letters in the word. And yes, you can play as many times as you want in a day.

Wordle Unlimited Unblocked

wordle unlimited unblocked

As the name suggests, you can play Wordle ‘unlimited times’ with this browser game. It’s the same game as the one mentioned above, so you have one more alternative for Wordle to play online.

Word Master

word master wordle

The rules are the same as Wordle, but this one has a different UI. Play this game similar to Wordle on a browser of your choice!

Worldle & Globle – Geography Spinoffs

Are you a Geography buff who loves to guess countries based on clues? These games are for you. Find out how to play Worldle and Globle here.

Squirdle – Pokemon Wordle

squirdle pokemon wordle

The name sounds like Squirtle? Yup, that’s the intention! This is a Wordle game for Pokemon fans so all you have to do is guess the name of a Pokemon in 8 tries. Even if you don’t recall the exact spelling of the Pokemon, don’t worry. It will show you a drop down as a suggestion and then give you hints. Based on the Gen, Type, Height and Weight, you can make your next guess and guess the final Pokemon.

Online Lingo

online lingo

Wordle has taken inspiration from Lingo and now, you can play Online Lingo as well. Guess the words and if they are in the right spot, you will see them as green. You have 5 chances!


wordle clone wordguesser

This is a Wordle Clone where you can play more than one word puzzle a day. The rules are same, just that the grey letters will show up as black instead. You can also change the difficulty level by guessing a 3 letter word to a 7 letter word or ask the game to throw a random challenge. There’s more – you can share a challenge link so that you and your friends can play the same word and exchange results.

Kitty Letter – Game like Wordle on iOS and Android

If word unscrambling is something you are most interested in, Kitty Letter is for you. It’s a free game that you can play on iOS as well as Android andit has CATS! When you combine letters and create words, they turn into a bunch of cats. The bigger your word, the bigger your cat army. With this, you must defend your home and attack your opponent.

SpellTower – Mobile Game (iOS, Android)

SpellTower’s tagline is – Wordsearch meets strategy and that’s exactly what it is. Connect letters to destroy blocks and keep making new words. New tiles will keep rising from the bottom of the screen and if any letter reaches the top row, the game is over. There are multiple modes in this game including puzzle mode, extreme puzzle mode, zen mode and even a rush mode. Try it out and enjoy.

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Typeshift – Mobile Game (iOS, Android)

Typeshift is a game from the creator of SpellTower.In this one, Word search blends with anagrams with a touch of crosswords. Move letters up and down to create new words from the bunch of letters you’ve got. If this sounds fun, download the game on your iOS or Android device now.

Babble Royale – Multiplayer Word Game on PC (Steam)

Babble Royale is available on PC via Steam and this is an intense multiplayer word game battle royale! If you have played BR games, things are pretty similar here too. You land as a letter, you need to keep forming words to move, and you need to stay within the circle (deadly hot zone). Connect words to kill others and if you have the last word, you win.

Although it is not exactly similar to Wordle, it is one of the best free word games you can play on your PC.



If the challenge of Wordle isn’t enough, multiply it! Solve 4 Wordles at once and see how you fare through Quordle. There’s also Octordle, Dordle, Sedecordle if you want to try them out as well.


music wordle

Music and song-guessing fans will love this one! Featuring some latest as well as iconic songs, Heardle allows you to listen to a few seconds of the intro and you have to use that to guess the song name. You get 6 attempts and as you keep making wrong attempts, you will get to hear more of the song.


movie wordle

Similar to Heardle, but this one is for movie buffs. Up for the challenge of guessing the movie name with the help of a few stills from the film? This one’s for you.

And there you have it. Try out these browser, mobile and PC word games like Wordle and have tons of fun playing Wordle unlimited (unblocked) more than once a day. Speaking of games like other games, we’ve got a few more articles that will provide some good alternatives of famous games to try out. For example, here are the best games like Stardew Valley.