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Worldle & Globle: How To Play Geography Wordle Spinoffs

Love country guessing games and Wordle? Here are two spinoff games that you will enjoy!

Wordle is now world-famous and is still going strong (at the time of writing). It has inspired lots of alternatives, similar apps and knockoffs based on different themes. Now, it’s time for Geography buffs to show off their country guessing skills via Worldle and Globle!


How to Play Worldle (Geography Wordle Spinoff)

  • First, head to the official Worldle site here. 
    worldle wordle spinoff
  • You should see the silhouette of a country on top.
  • You have 6 attempts to guess the right country.
  • There is a text field at the bottom where you can type the country name.
  • Don’t worry if you’re confused about the accurate spelling. Once you type the initial few letters, there’s a menu that will appear from which you can choose the country.
  • How do the hints work? Once you guess a country, you will see the distance, direction and proximity from your guess and the country that’s the final answer.
  • From this, you can decide what should be your next guess.
  • Keep trying until you get to the final country.

Here’s an example:

worldle guess


Similar to Wordle, there’s a new WORLDLE available to play daily.

Globle – Wordle Spinoff Geography Game

If you can’t get enough of this game and want one more variant based on the Geography theme, here’s Globle!

  • Head to the official site.
  • Click on the Globe on the main page.
  • Your goal is to guess the Country of the day. But you don’t get a silhouette hint in this one. You have to make your first guess randomly, just like Wordle.
  • In this one, there’s no drop-down menu, so you need to spell the country correctly.
  • Once you make your guess, the country shape will get highlighted on the globe.
    how to play globle
  • If it’s highlighted in RED, that means it’s VERY CLOSE to the final answer.
  • If it’s ORANGE, it’s close, but not as much as RED.
  • When it’s LIGHT ORANGE, the target country is a bit far.
  • If it’s VERY LIGHT ORANGE, then your guess is very far from the country that’s the final answer.
    how to guess country globle
  • This should help you understand the distance and narrow down your guesses.
  • In Globle, you don’t have a fixed number of attempts. Your goal, though, is to guess in the fewest attempts.
  • As soon as you guess the final answer, the country will get highlighted in GREEN.

So, if you love guessing countries and also love the concept of Wordle, these games should be fun! While you are here, find out how to play previous Wordles via the archive. Plus, here are some tools to help you solve daily puzzles easily.