Wordle Helper & Solver Tool – Find Answers & Best Words

Know a few letters but just can't get to the word? Here are some of the best Wordle Helper/Solver websites to use!

Are you looking for a Wordle Solver or Helper tool? Thankfully, there are multiple answer or letter finder websites available that you can use to get some hints and solve Wordles.

You may need such tools because often there are some unique/rare words as the solution. For example, a few of the older Wordle answers have been PROXY, GORGE, and TRUSS. So, if you want to cheat a little bit and get some hints, try these Word or Letter Finders below.

Best Wordle Solver & Helper Tools

Here are the best Wordle Word Finder programs and online websites that you can use to find the missing letters of the 5-letter word.



After your initial guesses, you will know a couple of letters that exist in the word. With this solver, you can add the letters that the word ‘starts with’, ‘contains’, ‘ends with’, and ‘length’. Add the info and click on SEARCH. You will instantly see a list of words that you can use to make your next guess.


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Add the letters in the correct spot in the first row (Placed Letters). Next, put the yellow letters in the second row which are the Valid letters. And in the last section, add the ‘Bad letters’ which are the greyed-out letters from your guesses. Click on Update and you should see which words are the best for your next guess.

Wordle Solver

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Add your guessed word and click on the color for that letter (shown below the blocks). Based on that, it will show you which word you should try out next. Select the colors for that word too and eventually, you will have your final answer.



If you’ve figured out a few letters in the right spot, you can try Unscramblerer. Use a ? for the letters that you haven’t figured out yet and it will show you various options. For example, if you have SNA?? then it will show you word suggestions such as SNARK, SNARE, SNAKE, SNACK etc.

Hopefully, these helped you out! If you want to know how to cheat in Wordle and show off your wins on Twitter, we’ve got something you may like!

Also, there are a few Wordle game alternatives for iPhone that you can download where you can play more than one-word game puzzle a day. Here are some more similar games for PC and Android users too.