Wordle App For iPhone: Best Similar iOS Games

Here are the best Wordle style apps and games for iPhone that you can play.

Wordle is a browser game where you can solve one puzzle a day. For the next puzzle, you have to wait until midnight local time and that’s it – no more words to guess for the day. Now, since the game has become so popular, there are, of course, going to be clones that will pop up in the market. The extreme copycat iOS apps have now taken off the app store but there are multiple apps that give you a similar experience still available. I have listed out some of the best alternatives and games similar to Wordle here, but in this article, we will specifically look at any similar Wordle app for iPhone.

Best Apps Similar to Wordle for iPhone

The original creator Josh Wardle has kept the official Wordle website ad-free and simple. There is no official Wordle app available on the app store yet, but there are some similar apps that you can try out.

Wordle! App for iPhone

wordle app game iphone

This game by Steven Cravotta has been around since 2016. Basically, it’s a timer-based word game where you have to create a word from the given letters before time runs out. You can compete with friends and get the work your magic to get the top score among them all.

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Word Bound

word bound ios app ipad

With 1000+ puzzles and daily word challenges, Word Bound is an app for iPhone and iPad that has 4.9 rating on the app store. In this game too, you need to use the color of letter blocks as a hint for the right mystery word. If this sounds like fun, download the game right away.

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Kitty Letter

kitty letter game ios

Engage in Word battle with friends with the help of cats! In this competitive word game, you need to create words based on the letters given and send your cat hordes to attack. The art style is in the sketch format and it’s awesome-looking. I expect nothing less from the creators of Exploding Kittens!

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typeshift word game iphone

This is a game that has a similar vibe to Wordle wherein there are common words and you have to build new words around it. It’s an anagram puzzle with a hint of crossword and it’s something you can play on your iPhone daily.

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So, these were some of my recommendations of Wordle apps for iPhone. For more related to Wordle, check out our guides on the best hints, starter words and our list of daily Wordle solutions compilation.