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Hitman 3: How To Accuse Emma

Find out how to accuse Emma in Hitman 3 and what happens when you accuse her in the Dartmoor Death in the Family mission.

A Matter of Justice Challenge is one of three main challenges in Dartmoor Death in the Family mission. To complete Hitman 3 A Matter of Justice Challenge you need to accuse Emma and convince Madam Carlisle that Emma killed Zachary, along with proofs.

How to Accuse Emma in Hitman 3


how do you accuse emma hitman 3

If you are wondering how to accuse Emma in Hitman 3, here are the steps to do it:

  1. Disguise as Detective and head towards Thornbridge Manor.
  2. Interact with Alexa and her butler Mr. Fernsby will take you to Zachary’s room.
  3. Collect all six clues while investigating Zachary’s bedroom
  4. The six clues are Zachary’s body, his laptop, suicide note, bottle & glass on the table, secret room behind the bookshelf, and finally the mansion floor plan from the secret room.
  5. Talk to all family members to learn their alibis and other details.
  6. Get inside Gregory & Emma’s bedroom, by using a lock pick, crowbar, or the master key from Fernsby’s office. Or easiest way you can climb through a window in the adjacent bathroom and sneak into the bedroom.
  7. There are four clues in this room. Start by picking up the walking cane you see on the right side of the room with a bulldog handle.
  8. Then the Greenhouse Keychain near the fireplace, scan Emma’s dirty heels by using your camera.
  9. Finally, pick up the letter from the bedside table.
  10. Head towards the Greenhouse, use your camera to scan the book on the table near Distillation Kit, and then walk towards the kit.
  11. Diana will tell you that you have uncovered enough evidence to tell Madam Carlisle that Emma is the murderer.
  12. Meet Mr. Fernsby so he may take you to Alexa.
  13. Sit on the chair and select the dialog option “Accuse Emma”.
  14. You have successfully accused Emma and A Matter of Justice Challenge.


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