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Hitman 3: How To Get Lockpicks

Here's how to unlock and acquire Lockpicks in Hitman 3. Also check out how to carry over your unlocked lockpicks from Hitman 2 as well.

In Hitman 3 you will miss out a lot behind locked doors like some cool pathways and different tactical kills. Although you can use a crowbar, they will be noisy and NPCs will be suspicious about you. So crowbars can’t be used always when there is NPC within a hearing range or while in NPC’s view. Unlocking the lockpick is the best way to be the true “Silent Assassin”. Let’s look at how to get lockpicks in Hitman 3.

How to get Lockpicks in Hitman 3
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How to Get Lockpicks in Hitman 3

The best and easiest way to unlock lockpicks in Hitman 3 is to carry over your progress from Hitman 2. But if you are new to Hitman World of Assassination trilogy then you can unlock lockpicks from Dartmoor’s Mastery Level 2. This won’t take that long into the game. But carrying your progression from Hitman 2 allows you to use your unlocked lockpick from the previous game, right from the moment you start Hitman 3.

You can complete various challenges in Hitman 3 to earn XP, which in turn can be used to level up in Mastery Level and collect the rewards. The same can be done with the Dartmoor map – once you reach Mastery Level 2, you can unlock Lockpick MK III. This version functions exactly like a normal lockpick, but this has cosmetic differences and matches with other MK III gears you will unlock in the game ahead.


You can equip lockpick in Hitman 3 before starting a mission from the Planning tab, select it in Gear tile. Once you start the mission, Agent 47 will be carrying a lockpick in his inventory.

You can use a lockpick to open any analog doors and safety deposit boxes containing many functional items. All electronically locked doors will need keycards to unlock them. Once near a locked door press Y on Xbox, hold triangle on PS to use lockpick.

That’s all you need to know about how to get lockpicks in Hitman 3. While you are here, check out guides on Hitman 3:.