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Hitman 3 Best Weapons & Gears Guide: Top Weapons to Unlock First

Hitman 3 is all about stealth, Agent 47 cannot leave his disguise and track down a target. Here are some of the best weapons and gears you must unlock first.

Hitman 3 is a hard-core stealth game where disguise means everything. No matter how powerful Agent 47 is, he has to follow a code of conduct to track down his target. In Hitman 3 you will never chase regular people, all targets are either VVIP’s wandering in highly secured regions. So having the best gears plays a big role. In this guide, I will help you with finding the best weapons and gears for Hitman 3. How they work and how to unlock mastery level fast by earning a load amount of XP.

Best Weapons & Gears


Hitman 3 Best Gears & Weapons

Ample of weapons and gears in this guide will be unlocked during the mission. So they are not very complicated to find, but if you have one do not forget to use them. The level XP you will earn is way higher than taking down targets with regular weapons. Using top-quality weapon you can achieve mastery level fast. It also relies on your Hitman 3 difficulty level.



1. Emetic Poison Vial: Poison will force the target to leave a crowded space and find a restroom to throw out whatever he or she has consumed. Can be mixed in food or drink. This is where you can silently assassinate the target.

  • Level 5 Mastery Dubai

2. Sedative Poison Vial: Similar to the above one, can be mixed with food or drink. Target will fell unconscious after consuming it.


  • Level 7 Mastery Dartmoor

3. Lethal Poison Vial: Stronger poison that can kill your target instantly after consumption in food or a drink. Death by this poison is counted as an accidental death.

  • Level 10 Mastery Berlin


4. ICA Pen Syringe Emetic: Don’t want to get noticed while mixing poison in food or drink then go for this gear. This item is like a pen and it can allow you to poison drinks without getting caught.

  • Level 10 Mastery Berlin

5. Kalmer 2: Tranquilizer which can shoot powerful dart without making any noise. It is strong enough to sedate anyone. Best for taking down any civilian or guard without killing them.

  • Level 5 Mastery Mendoza


1. ICA Briefcase Mk. III: Hide your guns or weapons inside the briefcase. The best gear to hide weapons and walk around in a crowd without getting detected.

  • Level 7 Mastery Dubai

2. Lockpick Mk. III: Unlock all doors easily but it does not work on electronic doors or doors that require keycards.

  • Level 2 Mastery Dartmoor

3. Electronic Key Hacker Mk. III: Hack electronic locks easily using this gear. No keycards or any special access key required to unlock them.

  • Level 2 Mastery Chongqing


1. ICA Remote Micro Taser: Remote device to shock anyone in the range. It is a small hard to notice device. A useful trap to make NPC’s unconscious.

  • Level 2 Mastery Berlin

2. Custom 5mm DTI: A special pistol that does not make noise. It is tough to find a weapon that has a small mag size and once used you cannot reload it.

  • Level 7 Mastery Berlin

3. Krugermeier 2-2 Silver: A specialized gun in Hitman 3. Best to say the weapon with a silencer that does not make any sound when used. Best to distract enemies.

  • Level 10 Mastery Mendoza

4. Sieger 300 Viper: Want a long-range weapon then go for this sniper gun. It is also one of the best in Hitman 3 and ideal to take down guards patrolling from distance.

  • Level 20 Mastery Mendoza

When you start exploring various missions in Hitman 3 you will find these gears and weapons in the game. This is where you must know which one to keep and which to discard. You will need to regularly find new disguise to move around in restricted zones. Also, missions like Thornbridge Manor have tons of hidden keys, which unlock secret rooms and supplies. You just have to explore and be alert to avoid any alert.