Hitman 3: How To Complete Black Gold Eye And Steep Task in Dubai

Here’s everything you need to know to complete Black Gold Eye and Steep Task challenges in Dubai.

There are many creative ways you can kill your targets in Hitman 3, but the best ones are challenges like Impactful Art & Icarus Challenges. Among all the challenges in Dubai, we loved both the Black Gold Eye and Steep Task challenges. Here’s how you can accomplish both tasks in Dubai.

How to Disguise as Zana Kazem “the Vulture” and Complete Black Gold Eye in Hitman 3

To complete the Black Gold Eye Challenge, you need to impale Carl Ingram on his Oil Rig miniature model. The real challenge is to make him position himself in the exact way to accomplish this challenge. First, you need to play through the story mission “Bird of Prey”.

Hitman 3 Disguise as Zana Kazem

To initiate this mission you need to take the stairs on the main lobby and go right and keep walking until you see an argument going on between a man and the staff. The man who is being stopped from entering an area is another assassin Zana “The Vulture” Kazem.

Hitman 3 Disguise as Zana The Vulture Kazem

Once he leaves the area, follow him to the garden. There you can turn on the Sound System on a control panel, and hide in the bushes near it. Kazem will come to check it. This is when you can subdue him, hide his body and take his disguise. Next, you need to meet Carl Ingram under the heavy supervision of his guards. To do this, talk to this receptionist as she will guide you to Ingram.  Also, remember to remove all illegal items from you beforehand, as guards will do a pat-down on you before the meeting.

Hitman 3 Hans Lucht

You will be tasked to kill a suspicious journalist named Hans Lucht and show a picture taken by your handheld camera to the receptionist. After killing the journalist you will be allowed to meet Carl Ingram in his office. He will tell all guards to wait outside except for a single guard. Wait for Ingram to lean over his oil rig miniature model. Once you subdue the guard, you can kill Ingram, by going behind him and killing him by using the sharp edge of the oil rig. By killing Ingram in this method, you will complete Black Gold Eye Challenge.

Hitman 3 Black Gold Eye

How to Complete Steep Task Challenge in Hitman 3

If you don’t kill Ingram while he is leaning over the oil rig, you can continue till the end of the story mission. Ingram will go to the balcony. You can follow him to see that he will be leaning on the balcony railing. Here you can push him over the railing and walk away as if nothing happened.

Also, you can pick up a screwdriver near the television while and tamper with the balcony railing while Ingram is busy standing over his oil rig model. So the railing will be loose and Ingram will fall over as soon as he tries to lean over the railing. Doing these will make you complete the Steep Task Challenge.

Hitman 3 Steep Task Challenge

That’s everything you need to do to complete Black Gold Eye and Steep Task Challenges in Hitman 3. While you are here, also check out some of our other Hitman 3 guides like: