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How To Get Explosive Golf Ball In Hitman 3 (Dubai Location)

Here's where to find the Hitman 3 Dubai explosive golf ball location that will help you take out Carl Ingram.

The explosive golf ball in Hitman 3 will help you eliminate Carl Ingram when he goes ahead and strikes the ball with his club. This will let you complete the Angry birdy assassination challenge. So, here’s the Hitman 3 Dubai Explosive Golf Ball location to save your time. We have noted two ways you can complete this objective so keep reading until the end to know them.

Where to Find Explosive Golf Ball in Hitman 3 (Location Guide)

To get the explosive golf ball in Dubai, you have to head to a locked storage room which is located on Level 3. It will be at the end of the Maintenance corridor so you can disguise yourself as a Maintenance worker to get there. Make sure to subdue any other workers in the area because they will be able to see through your disguise.

Here are the detailed steps of getting the explosive golf ball in Dubai:

where is the explosive golf ball

In the Maintenance Corridor, you will hear someone talk about the explosive golf ball. You can choose to get the Janitorial key from her by subduing her or you can also use a crowbar to open the locked storage room door.

where to find janitorial key

hitman 3 dubai explosive golf ball location

Once you are inside the storage room, walk up to the red toolbox kept on the ground and there will be the explosive golf ball kept behind it. Pick it up and get ready to use it for your objective. When you interact with it, it will be added to your inventory immediately.

carl ingram golf ball

Now, you have to head to the Outdoor area and get to the golf section. You can use the Penthouse Terrace ladder shortcut in this case and place the golf ball along with the normal golf balls kept there in the bucket. Remember to stay undetected during this process.

If you want an alternate route, you can disguise yourself as a Penthouse guard and go up to Level 4. Walk up to the golf area and use your crowbar to open the shortcut which will lead you down to the storage room directly.

With that done, here’s how to get Carl Ingram to play Golf and subsequently complete the Angry birdy Challenge in Hitman 3 Dubai.